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Spescom DataVoice enters market with low-cost, enterprise strength voice recorder.

by david.nunes

Spescom DataVoice enters market with low-cost, enterprise strength voice recorder.

25 February 201

Spescom DataVoice, an established leader in the enterprise-level voice recording market,  is introducing the Libra Lite voice recording solution to suit the needs and pockets of the small and mid-tier organisations and contact centres. The Libra Lite voice recorders offer a range of options with 8 to 48-port recorders for TDM and VoIP telephony, as well as mixed environments. Best of all, Libra Lite offers the user a low-cost recorder with enterprise strength functionality.

Says Kgabo Badimo, MD of Spescom DataVoice: “We are extremely proud and excited to introduce this new solution to our customers for all organisations — small, medium or large. Telephonic interactions with customers, suppliers and partners are a key component of business. Recording those interactions has become increasingly important to mitigate risk, comply with legal requirements, support business processes and facilitate performance management. Our Libra Lite range encapsulates our 33 years’
experience of providing voice recording solutions to enterprise clients. The Libra Lite offering is ideal for the small and mid-sized organisation, branch environments and individual recording needs.”

Libra Lite provides enterprise-level real-time recording, storage and retrieval. Built on Microsoft Windows, it has an open architecture and industry-standard database, with integrated support for archiving and backup media. Libra Lite supports a wide range of telephony environments, as well as radio systems with solutions ranging in sophistication. This means interactions on IP telephones can be recorded along with analogue and digital extensions or E1 trunks on one platform. In addition, Libra Lite integrates easily into existing business processes.

Key features of Libra Lite include:

.    Low cost of ownership – complete solution in a box
.    Recording capacity – up to 48 channels per recorder
.    Mixed interface support – Offers a solution for TDM and VoIP
telephony, as well as mixed environments – all on the same platform
.    Compatible with most PBX brands – these recorders allow you to
change your PBX without having to replace the recorder.
.    Computer Telephony Integration(CTI) – CTI available for major PBX
.    Multiple storage and archiving options – from USB media to network
.    Rule based archiving – Support for complex rules to accommodate
selective archiving
.    Rich functionality, including extensive search options with fast
retrieval, and centralised management
.    Simple Scenario Reconstruction – Easy to recreate call scenarios
.    Ease of implementation, configuration and use – it’s a
self-contained solution.
.    Open integration interfaces that enable connection to virtually any
business application
.    Ability to grow to a full featured solution – Incorporating Spescom
DataVoice’s full product suite, including Nexus, Screen Recording and Qnique workforce optimisation solutions
.    Ongoing R&D – a strong commitment to ongoing research and
development by Spescom DataVoice ensures that these Voice Recording solutions will continue to meet new technological, business and compliance demands
.    Local support – locally developed, the Libra Lite range is fully
supported locally with channel partners receiving ongoing training

Pricing starts from as little as R17 000 for an entry level 8-port Libra Lite model. “It’s a cost-effective maintenance free solution that is easy to manage and easy to integrate to existing platforms and solutions,” says Badimo. “More importantly, however, it provides peace of mind, ensuring the business meets legal and regulatory requirements and lowering business risk.”

Enterprise strength security is at the heart of the recorder. Tampering with recordings can be detected so the use of recordings as evidence in a court of law is better facilitated. Libra Lite also requires authentication to access data and encrypts the transmission of data during playback, ensuring data security.
The Libra Lite recorders adhere strictly to industry standards, and are approved by regulators such as ICASA.

Security is only one benefit provided by the Libra Lite recorders, however.
Recordings can also be used for quality management and business process optimisation, enabling organisations to improve customer service and retention by reducing customer query turnaround times and enhancing efficiency.

Concludes Badimo: “The business environment is highly competitive and business risk needs to be carefully managed – its part and parcel of good governance. Recording voice interactions is an important means to ensure your business is protected from undue risk, that staff deliver quality service and that your performance is enhanced. With low cost, high functionality solutions like Libra Lite available, organisations can start with an entry level solution and seamlessly scale as they need.

About Spescom

Spescom Ltd operates in the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) sector. Founded in 1977, this South African Company has developed and delivered a number of world first technologies, as well as innovative products and services to both local and global markets.
While the recent merger with Jasco promises to unlock stakeholder value on numerous fronts, Spescom’s core focus is to deliver integrated business communication solutions that enhance the way businesses communicate with their customers,  and leverages voice, video and data technologies through its five companies Spescom DataFusion; Spescom DataVoice; Spescom Telecommunications; Spescom Media IT and recently created NewTelco South Africa – a carrier-neutral co-location service provider creating a telecoms interconnection hub for sub-Saharan Africa.  The deep technical expertise and considerable industry know-how housed in these five divisions combine to deliver world-class solutions including integrated contact centre platforms and applications, a range of voice application technologies, as well as telecommunications and broadcast solutions.
‘Smart People. Clever Solutions’ reflects who we are and why we are positioned to leverage current and future technology trends and developments to meet the dynamically shifting requirements of our customers and ensure their continued competitiveness.
Spescom has a staff complement of 258 with offices located in Johannesburg,
Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Durban and London (UK).

For more information visit Spescom at  www.spescom.com and Jasco at www.jasco.co.za

For further information contact:

Stuart Vey
Group Executive: Marketing and Communications Jasco Electronic Holdings
Tel: 011 266 1701
Or: 011 266 1754
Fax: 011 266 1553
Email: svey@za.spescom.com

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