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SPIELO International takes a sure bet on NextiraOne’s Data Centre Solution

by david.nunes

SPIELO International takes a sure bet on NextiraOne’s Data Centre Solution


Virtualised Dynamic Data Centre for gaming company


Vienna – 16 February, 2012 – NextiraOne, Europe’s leading expert in communications services, has been appointed by SPIELO International, a global supplier of games, gaming equipment and system solutions based in Unterpremstätten/Graz, to create a virtualised dynamic data centre (VDDC). This will provide an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure as the foundation for the future success of the company. The contract followed a comprehensive consultation process.


In order to achieve a rapid and successful implementation the NextiraOne team worked with its existing technology partners Cisco, NetApp and VMware. Working to their distinct areas of expertise, Cisco brought its know-how in server solutions, routers and switches, NetApp in storage solutions and VMware for the virtualisation of the IT infrastructure. NextiraOne’s experts were responsible for the overall planning and co-ordination, pulling all aspects together into one comprehensive solution.


The end result speaks for itself: the successful implementation of the data centre has meant that all SPIELO International’s world-wide sites could be networked via IP. By virtualising the entire IT infrastructure SPIELO International will be able to manage all servers, networking and storage resources in future from the development centre in Unterpremstätten, using a centralised and easily managed platform. This will reduce costs and increase efficiency.


In order to ensure the smooth operation of the system NextiraOne trained the company’s IT team how to use the system, which is also known as the FlexPod solution.


NextiraOne created a company platform for the efficient and secure storage of the company’s data. This allows date to be stored in archives and thus ensures that no data will be lost in the future. The new data centre also means that all employees can have access to all applications and information at any time irrespective of where they are. By increasing the volume of data, better performance, higher reliability and faster data connection has also been achieved.


A major focus in the networking of each business’s sites was the security of the IT infrastructure. NextiraOne created a logical separation between internal and external servers, applications and authorisations in order to protect the company’s know-how. This guarantees that no confidential information can be leaked or accessed by unauthorised persons. This is very important for SPIELO International, especially in the highly sensitive area of games development.


The successful completion of the project has impressed SPIELO International not only in terms of the high performance capabilities of the new data centre, but also in the capabilities of NextiraOne: “The NextiraOne experts constantly gave us great confidence in their competence and the results clearly demonstrate the professionalism of the team. Our new IT infrastructure and data centre is proving to be extremely reliable and efficient and this is creating a solid foundation for our future success,” said Robert Picher, Team Leader IT-Infrastructure at SPIELO International Austria.


Margarete Schramböck, CEO of NextiraOne Austria, commented: “NextiraOne has once again been able to demonstrate its professional project management skills and holistic approach. The new, fully redundant system makes the configuration and administration of the IT infrastructure possible at any time and without any loss of quality even during normal daily business hours. This is saving the company time and money.”


Further information is available in the SPIELO International case study.



About SPIELO International:

SPIELO International develops and produces games, gaming devices, games systems and software solutions which are sold world-wide. The product portfolio encompasses a wide-ranging entertainment spectrum, including solutions for the Government sponsored area, for commercial casino markets and for the AWP (amusement with prizes) sector.


SPIELO International supplies over 1,500 customers on five continents and has delivered over 200,000 gaming devices globally. The company has over 300 gaming licences including in the USA where SPIELO International sells devices in 25 states including Nevada and to 142 tribes.


SPIELO International is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Lottomatica Group, market leaders in the gaming sector in Italy and amongst the largest lottery operators in the world as well as the world-leading supplier of lottery and gaming technology solutions.


SPIELO International is a member of the Gaming Standards Association und supports open standards in the sector such as Game-to-System (G2S) und System-to-System (S2S).


For more information please visit www.spielo.com.


About NextiraOne

NextiraOne is an international company that designs, installs, maintains and supports business solutions and communications services for over 60,000 private and public sector customers. Using its expertise in leading-edge communications, including data centres, contact centres, unified communications, secure network infrastructures and managed services, NextiraOne helps its customers to transform their organisations, making the complex simple.


Headquartered in Paris, NextiraOne has a direct sales and service presence in 16 countries across Europe and the USA, with more than 4,300 employees including 2,500 qualified service experts, and an annual revenue totalling around one billion euros in 2010.


Discover more at: http://www.nextiraone.eu and http://www.nextiraone.eu/at


Contact Austria:

NextiraOne Austria GmbH

Mag. Nicole Plein

Press Officer

& Communications Manager

Tel. + 43 (0) 5 77 33-4827



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