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Spime Announces Launch of SUPL 2.0 Client for Location Positioning with a Tier One Chipset Maker

by david.nunes


Spime Announces Launch of SUPL 2.0 Client for Location Positioning with a

Tier One Chipset Maker

September 19, 2011 (MMD Newswire) – – Spime Inc., the leading provider of

LBS technology, today announces the launch of its SUPL 2.0 client with a US

based, Tier One chipset manufacturer. Spime’s SUPL is a middleware for smart

phones and Tablets that implements a SUPL client enabling SET (SUPL Enabled

Terminal) based or SET assisted position determination.

Spime’s SUPL client is a complete implementation of the Secure User Plane

Location protocol V2.0 that enables wireless service providers to provide a

new generation of location based services (LBS). The SUPL 2.0 client

implements the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards based bearer for

transferring location information such as GPS assistance data and carries

positioning technology-related protocols between mobile terminals and the

mobile network. With the widespread adoption of services that require the

location of mobile devices, Spime’s SUPL 2.0 client offers a complementary

alternative to existing location standards built upon traditional signaling

mechanisms limited to the mobile network.

“Spime’s SUPL 2.0 client is one of the industry’s most comprehensive

implementations of the OMA SUPL 2.0 standard says Venkateswaran K, Spime’s

VP of Engineering. Spime’s SUPL client supports:

– Network based and SET based SUPL Agents;

– A-GPS, A-GANSS, E-Cell ID;

– Immediate, Periodic Triggered and Event Triggered Services; and,

– GSM/GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA, WLAN, LTE, UMB, WiMAX bearer networks.

ODMs should consider Spime’s solution even if they have an A-GPS chipset

without the software.”

Spime’s SUPL 2.0 client is written in a native portable code which minimizes

integration and migration effort. With clearly defined integration points to

the platform and GPS driver, integrations are simplified. And, Spime offers

a flexible delivery model with the client available as an SDK in Source Code

or Object Code format. Spime also offers integration services leveraging the

company’s multi-platform expertise.

“Building on the successful commercialization of our SUPL 1.0 client

distributed on chipset manufacturers and ODMs around the world, Spime’s SUPL

2.0 release demonstrates the company’s commitment to support the evolving

SUPL standard, says Gary Mendel, VP WW Marketing and Sales. Customers

Licensing Spime’s SUPL software can have the confidence that they will have

the most current location solutions available for their customers.”


About Spime Inc.

Spime Inc. is a Silicon Valley California based company with R&D offices in

Chennai, India. The company is a provider of white labeled Social Location

and positioning solutions to mobile operators, OEM / ODMs, developers and

semiconductor providers. Spime’s Social Location solutions include a Hybrid

LBS Platform, integrated Cloud Based Services, Applications, Services

Modules, an LBS SDK, location enabling technologies and engineering


The company’s solutions are highly customizable and offer value by

pervasively enabling and monetizing Location Intelligence and content across

Smartphones, Tablets, Slates, Netbooks, Notebooks and Desktops PCs. Spime’s

white labeled strategy empowers customers control over brand, roadmap and

monetization. New revenue opportunities and vibrant 3rd party ecosystems are

opened around location. For more information, please visit the Spime, Inc.

website at


Contact: Gary Mendel, VP of World Wide Marketing and Sales – gary@spime.com



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