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SPX Communication Technology Introduces Dielectric DLP-V and TLP-BB Low-Power Antennas

by david.nunes

SPX Communication Technology Introduces Dielectric® DLP-

V and TLP-BB Low-Power Antennas

New Antennas Provide Low-Cost, Reliable Solutions for Low-Power DTS, Gap Filler, Mobile Media, and Translator Applications

RAYMOND, Maine — July 12, 2011 — SPX Communication Technology (formerly Dielectric) today introduced its new Dielectric® DLP-V and TLP-BB series of low-power antennas designed specifically to provide broadcasters with economical choices for low-power TV applications. These include distributed transmission systems (DTS), gap fillers, mobile media broadcasting, and translators.

A cost-effective supplement to the TLP series of antennas, the low-power, single-channel slotted DLP-V series features 30 percent vertical polarization to increase signal penetration for gap-filling scenarios and a more reliable signal. Offering an eight-bay, single-module design, the antenna provides 1.7 kW input power and beam tilt of 1.5 degrees.

The TLP-BB broadband antenna can be used to multiplex numerous low-power stations due to its broadband width of 60 MHz (up to 10 channels wide) with a VSWR of less than 1.15. The antenna offers a 12-bay, double-module design with two six-bay slotted antenna sections fed with a common power divider, cables, and line hangers for multiple-channel operations. The TLP-BB offers 7 kW power input and beam tilt of 2 degrees.

“As broadcasters continue to feel the economic pinch, we are very excited to introduce the cost-effective and reliable DLP-V and TLP-BB antennas for a wide range of low-power applications,” said Roger Cote, vice president and general manager of SPX Communication Technology. “The DLP-V provides an economical option for customers who are looking to increase signal penetration in low-power applications that may get bumped in channel. The TLP-BB’s high bandwidth for multiple channel operations makes it an ideal alternative for slot-style designs with limited bandwidth, and its lower windload makes it the perfect replacement for broadband panels.”

Offering either horizontal or elliptical polarization, the non-pressurized DLP-V and pressurized TLP-BB are stand-alone products that feature simple mechanical designs for ease of installation. The antenna structures can withstand wind speeds of 125 mph, and they feature low-profile slot covers for environmental protection. 

Standard mounting hardware is provided in pipe sizes from 1-1/4-inches to 4-1/2-inches and angle leg size from 1-1/2-inches to 3-inches. The DLP-V offers a single standard 7/8-inch EIA input, and the TLP-BB features a standard 3-1/8-inch EIA input. The DLP-V is available with standard directional Azimuth pattern options while the TLP-BB is available in B or M Azimuth patterns.

Both low-power antennas are available now. Pricing information is available from SPX Communication Technology. Information on the full range of the company’s antenna systems is available at www.spxcomtech.com.  



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