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Squaretalk launches native Zoho One integration using Zoho PhoneBridge

by Anthony Weaver

The integration adds a telephony layer to 40+ Zoho One apps to bridge all gaps

between attending phone calls and logging call data.

London, 19 May 2021: Squaretalk, a global interactive business communications platform, has announced their partnership with SaaS giant Zoho Corporation. Squaretalk has today launched an integration with Zoho One, a unified suite of 40+ tightly integrated enterprise-level online applications from Zoho to help businesses grow. The integration was built using Zoho PhoneBridge, ‌a platform that enables the integration of cloud PBX and Contact Centre Solution providers with Zoho to add telephony capabilities to any Zoho application. The Squaretalk integration for Zoho One is readily available on Zoho Marketplace.

The integration gives Zoho One users the flexibility to make phone calls from any Zoho One app that they are on. It automatically provides a comprehensive view of historical caller activity so that the user knows exactly how to move the conversation forward.

Additionally, the integration/extension pulls and displays curated, contextual information about the caller from the entire Zoho suite of applications providing customer support agents, recruiters, sales teams, and anyone sending emails, all the information they need to personalize their interaction in real-time. 

“Voice communication has always been important to many business functions even more so in the last two years where we have seen a large ramp-up in voice and SMS traffic,” said Elie Rubin, CEO of Squaretalk. “As Zoho offers solutions across a wide range of business functions including, sales, marketing, support, human resources, project management, and more. Squaretalk is able to positively impact business functions that we haven’t previously explored.”   “

Contextual engagement is a key driver of customer experience. To engage contextually, businesses need valuable customer insights from all touchpoints and channels at the right time,” said Anand Nergunam, VP Revenue Growth at Zoho. “Squaretalk’s native integration with Zoho One makes relevant disparate data across apps and functions available at the user’s fingertips. Users can also manage calls better by accessing call-related features such as click-to-dial and automated call activity logging directly from the Zoho interface. With a 360-degree view of the caller, a user can create and deliver contextual, customer experiences.”

About Squaretalk

Squaretalk (formerly known as Deskforce) is a global interactive business communications platform providing voice, text, chat, and messaging solutions. Its core purpose is to simplify and enhance how businesses communicate with their customers by providing integration capabilities that elevate the user experience, drive customer loyalty, and scale operations, whilst improving operational systems for their remote workforce. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel and with a hub in Bulgaria, its international footprint of over 200 clients and thousands of users globally reflects the company’s success. In 2020 Squaretalk grew revenues by 40% and it is expected to double up in 2021.         

With powerful cloud communication tools, flexible solutions for decentralized teams, and the ability to integrate easily with existing and new leading communications platforms, Squaretalk is enabling better communication through our square screens.

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