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SSE Telecoms initiates full UK network coverage with launch of “Edge Plus”

by david.nunes


Trusted network operator connects with other leading providers to deliver 100 percent UK coverage for its National Ethernet services

London – May 14, 2014 – SSE Telecoms – the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure and data centre services, and part of the SSE Group – today announced the launch of Edge Plus, which will ensure its high performance Ethernet services are available anywhere in the UK, by interconnecting with other leading network providers.  This latest initiative marks the final stage of SSE Telecoms’ major network expansion, dubbed Project Edge, which has brought the trusted network provider’s solutions to the doorsteps of Britain’s largest and most demanding organisations.

Edge Plus will allow customers to select the most competitive network provider in each and every geographic market, irrespective of the number of sites or locations they may have.  A new proprietary operator price comparison engine will provide real-time information on the best value, best specification compliant service, outside of SSE Telecoms’ own network footprint.

“Project Edge was specifically designed to make our network offering more accessible for large organisations which have little or no tolerance to risk, and with Edge Plus we can now extend our service promise right across the UK,” said Chris Jagusz, managing director of SSE Telecoms.  “While our high capacity fibre optic services were previously available in the largest towns and cities in Britain, this presented a challenge for our enterprise customers with multiple sites outside of central business districts nationwide.  The reality for businesses operating from disparate locations is that any sole network operator is unlikely to be able to provide the most competitive means of connecting every individual site.  This is why we are integrating our network with other leading players in the market, while still using as much of our own network coverage as possible, as this allows us to deliver our value and price with their extended coverage.”

Throughout the course of Project Edge, SSE Telecoms has extended the reach of its fibre network to more than 13,700km, with a total of 234 PoPs serving over 200,000 metropolitan business postcodes.  The Project Edge investment also saw the launch of SSE Telecoms’ LIGHTNOW service – a new high-capacity, ultra-resilient optical networking service connecting 21 of London’s busiest data centres with 10Gb Ethernet wavelengths, that can be provisioned within seven days.

“Ultimately, Edge Plus is all about customer service and ensuring our high performance yet affordable network services are readily available to our new and existing channel and enterprise customers,” continued Jagusz.  “With our new online price comparison tool, combined with our third party network purchasing power, our customers can be sure that for any site beyond our own immediate network footprint, an appropriate and cost-effective solution will be readily available from our catalogue of third party network assets.  Customers will benefit from all of their site connections being delivered and managed by one trusted provider, with one SLA agreement and round-the-clock support, all at the best possible price.”

About SSE Telecoms

SSE Telecoms provides class-leading connectivity and data centre services that deliver cost efficiency and a competitive edge.  The company operates a 13,700km private telecoms network and an estate of 17 data centres that span the UK.  With its extensive telecoms and data centre operational expertise it offers commercial security with unrivalled in-house engineering resource. With a passionate and conscientious team, as well as the backing of the SSE Group, it continues to invest in the future of its customers, staff, services, and infrastructure.

For further information, please visit: http://www.ssetelecoms.com/ or the SSE Telecoms blog: http://www.ssetelecoms.com/blog/

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