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SSE Telecoms launches tasty new Extreme

Internet Access (EIA) service

SSE Telecoms have launched innovative new business Internet access and IP transit services with an attractive “taster” special offer.

Extreme Internet Access (EIA) is a business-grade, business-only, end-to-end Internet access service that connects customer sites to the global Internet via SSE Telecoms’ terabit class national Ethernet and ROADM network. With a single IP network “hop” from the customer’s router to the global internet, customers get to enjoy the most responsive internet experience, with latency, jitter and packet loss SLAs that are among the lowest in the UK.

EIA has been engineered to deliver “liquid bandwidth™” to the internet, enabling customers to scale up bandwidth on demand.

With an “all you can eat” type special offer, customers signing up for the new Internet access service by 30th September 2013 will be given the ability to “burst” traffic beyond the speeds they purchase right up to the limits of their access circuits for free during the first year of any new three year contract, gifting their users a 12 month “taster” of the best internet service experience possible on their connections at no extra charge.

The service will be further enhanced by a range of optional intelligent quality of service (QoS) profiles, offering selective prioritisation of traffic types and a choice of resilience features that includes circuit separacy and carrier diversity to ensure continual service availability.

SSE Telecoms’ new global IP Transit service is built on a multi-homed, border gateway protocol (BGP) aware Alcatel core routing platform that provides single-hop internet protocol (IP) routing to more than 95% of global internet destinations from any one of our on-net point of presence(PoP) locations or carrier neutral co-location facilities. SSE Telecoms ’IPTransit service resilience is guaranteed by multiple geographically diverse interconnects with Tier 1 transit providers in multiple internet exchange points.

Discussing how these enhanced services will benefit customers, Chris Jagusz, SSE Telecoms’ Managing Director said: “Speed is just one element of delivering the best possible internet experience. Customers are asking us for flexible bandwidth options that are also highly resilient. Businesses depend on always-on internet service; SSE Telecoms offers an Internet access product that demonstrates just how good the internet experience can be whilst remaining highly resilient, tune-able, future proof and scalable.”

About SSE Telecoms

SSE Telecoms owns and operates one of the largest telecoms and data centre networks spanning the entire UK. We specialise in the provision of high capacity Ethernet, managed wavelengths, managed fibre and co-location services for service providers whose businesses depend upon the availability and performance of their cloud, IT and network services.

With an extensive portfolio of Layer 2 connectivity and a flexible approach to network configuration, we react efficiently to customer requests, providing prompt responses to quotations, delivery schedules and quick, live provision of services.



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