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Stadtwerke Emsdetten creates high-tech optical fibre network with KEYMILE technology

by david.nunes

Stadtwerke Emsdetten creates high-tech optical fibre network with KEYMILE technology

Hanover, July 31, 2013 – Utility Stadtwerke Emsdetten in Münsterland, Germany, is using KEYMILE technology to construct an optical fibre network for ultra-fast broadband access in its region. The first households were connected back in 2012, but in the medium-term widespread expansion is planned. Stadtwerke Emsdetten is applying multi-service access platform MileGate as the access node.

In Germany, powerful broadband via optical fibre is virtually non-existent outside cities. Emsdetten is one of the exceptions. Over the past 15 years, over 140 kilometres of empty conduits have been laid in the town and fitted with optical fibres in line with strategic expansion plans. As a result, today the utility already has an optical fibre network for corporate customers and for linking four data centres operated in conjunction with adjacent urban networks. tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH is a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Emsdetten and responsible for expanding and operating the optical fibre network. At the end of 2011 preliminary work was started to connect homes. In summer 2012, in the first phase around 600 subscribers belonging to the WGEMS cooperative were connected, with the first private households following six months later. When expanding the optical fibre infrastructure, Stadtwerke Emsdetten chose KEYMILE’s IP-based multi-service access platform MileGate. The active optical fibre technology is utilised in tkrz nodes and from there an optical connection to each of the buildings is produced.

One of MileGate’s key characteristics is its compact size, as well as its high level of reliability and flexibility. MileGate offers top port density for active optical fibre and DSL connections. The MileGate 2510 subrack has 21 slots and can be connected via optical fibre from one 19-inch rack to up to 480 end customers. As a result, tkrz can connect a large number of customers from a limited number of access points. Due to MileGate’s open interfaces, tkrz can automate numerous tasks, keeping operating costs low. To do so, tkrz uses its own databases which configure each of the end customers’ interfaces in the provisioning process.

The optical fibre connection allows home owners to modernise their properties for future telecommunications at low cost. tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH’s “fibre 2 HOME” brand currently offers high-speed Internet access of up to 100 Mbps, top voice quality in Internet telephony and over 200 digital TV channels. Over the next few years, tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH is aiming to fully expand the optical fibre infrastructure in Emsdetten.

As regards the “fibre 4 BUSINESS” offering for corporate customers, close collaboration exists between a number of adjacent towns and districts like Nordhorn, Schüttdorf, Rheine, Greven, Steinfurt, Ochtrup and Oelde. Consequently, businesses in these areas can also benefit from a fast optical fibre network. tkrz organises procurement, provisioning and storage for their partners in order to keep the price of connecting end customers to the optical fibre network very competitive.

“After a public tender with three bidders participating, we chose KEYMILE as a fully-fledged partner. From tendering to planning to execution, we’ve received superb support. KEYMILE responds quickly and flexibly to our demands which is the key to our business flourishing in the future,” comments Dieter Jansen, CEO of tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH in Emsdetten.

About the Stadtwerke Emsdetten utility

Stadtwerke Emsdetten in Münsterland, Germany, is a service company that goes back 100 years. It is also a professional supplier of optical fibre networks. tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH is a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Emsdetten and its role is to set up, expand and operate the optical fibre network. The company guarantees a high level of reliability to customers by constantly expanding its optical fibre network within a redundant ring structure. tkrz Stadtwerke GmbH has several of its own data centres. As a result, the utility can offer a number of extra services, such as security solutions, backup services, or triple-play products to other partners and end customers.


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