SWEDEN – November 3, 2010 – Tail-f Systems, the leading provider of configuration management software for networking equipment and network management systems, today recognized that the IETF has finalized the RFC for the YANG data modeling language reaching an important milestone in the development of standards needed to support automated network configuration management.

The YANG data modeling language, as specified in RFC 6020, complements the already popular NETCONF protocol. Together NETCONF and YANG provide the required tools to build robust and resilient configuration management applications. Because YANG was specifically designed to model configuration and state data in network devices, it meets key requirements for a configuration data modeling language. These requirements include mechanisms to model operations and content layers as well as being easily read and understood by human implementers.

“Prior to YANG, the NETCONF protocol lacked a standardized way to formally describe configuration models, leaving developers to adopt proprietary approaches,” said Jürgen Schönwälder, Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen. “I am pleased that the industry will now be able to benefit from a vendor-neutral interoperable data modeling language.”

“The formalization of the YANG standard is an important milestone for the industry,” said Carl Moberg, COO, Tail-f Systems. “We are excited to offer our customers a family of products that are fully compliant with both NETCONF and YANG.”

“Industry standardization of data modeling is an essential step in meeting the requirements of our customers for expanded automation,” said Rob Enns, VP Engineering, Junos Core, Juniper Networks.  “The YANG RFC supports the industry in its efforts to build network management systems that automate configuration across many different devices in the network.”

For more information on the YANG data modeling language visit

www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6020.txt and for more information on Tail-f Systems products using YANG, visit www.tail-f.com.

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Tail-f Systems is the leading developer of configuration management software for networking equipment providers and network management systems. Six of the ten largest global networking equipment providers are Tail-f Systems’ customers. Users of Tail-f Systems’ technology radically reduce their time-to-market and benefit from carrier-grade implementations of NETCONF, CLI, Web, and SNMP interfaces. Tail-f is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit www.tail-f.com.


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