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Star Network begins commercial operations with Open’s SmartFlexTM solution

by david.nunes





  Network begins commercial operations with Open’s SmartFlexTM solution




By virtue of the agility and flexibility of SmartFlex, Star Network will execute pre-sale and post-sale processes in an efficient manner, allowing expediting its access to the  telecommunication markets of the Aztec country





Miami, December, 2011. Star Network, a new telecommunications operator aims to conquer the Mexican market with their wireless, cable TV, IP telephony services proposal, opting for Open’s SmartFlexTM technical solution for the execution of its commercial and operative processes. Open International Systems Corp is a leader in the provisioning of software solutions for the telecommunications and public utilities software industry.


“We opted for Open’s SmartFlexTM solution for its convergent platform which will permit our company to control and follow up our entire business cycle, from the sale process, to the installation and activation of the services, on through the management of accounts receivable, a differentiating factor from other solutions requiring the integration of several CRM solutions for invoicing and operation’s management”, commented Iñaki Hernaiz, Star Network Director of Joint Ventures and Content.




Open’s implementation of SmartFlexTM was completed in six months and at the present time it is providing support to wireless Internet Television and IP Telephony services and will allow for the introduction of new products and services to the market in an expedient manner.




“Being Open the developer and direct responsible for the implementation, Star Network will be able to optimize the implementation of the system in terms of scope, costs and time schedules. Open SmartFlexTM will allow Star Network to introduce an innovative commercial proposal to the Mexican telecommunications market in a short period of time and with lower costs”, Hernando Parrott, Open’s Business Vice-President.




By operating under Open’s SmartFlexTM solution, Star Network will be able to launch a new generation of products and services of the latest technology, taking advantage of this leverage which will allow the company to offer N-Play services to the market, penetrating areas not presently provisioned with these services in Mexico, beginning coverage in the State of Tamaulipas.




Star Network Director of Joint Ventures and Content asserts that the company “supported on Open’s SmartFlexTM convergence and flexibility will be able to offer an agile, warm and effective proposal while providing customers with unsurpassed service, operating with fewer human resources but having the effectiveness of an entire army”.



About Star Network


Star Network received on November 18th the concession from the Mexican Government for the installation, operation and marketing of a public telecommunications network for a period of thirty (30) years. This new telecommunications company will provide coverage to an area comprising, among others, the towns of Matamoros, Ciudad Río Bravo, Nuevo Progreso, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, San Fernando, Ciudad Victoria, Abasolo, Soto La Marina, Municipio de Hidalgo and Tampico.




About Open Systems International Corp. (www.openinternational.com)


Open is the industry leader in the development and implementations of specialized software solutions for companies servicing the telecommunications and public utilities sector. Open’s SmartFlexTM solution, is Open Systems’ differentiating factor by having a BOSS approach which integrates, in a flexible manner, Business Support System-BSS and Operations Support Systems-OSS functionalities. Presently, leading operators providing Voice and Wide Band –Fixed and Mobile, CATV, IPTV and DTH, Energy, Gas, Water Works and Sewage services in 16 Latin American countries support their critical mission processes such as invoicing, sales, tariffs, network management and services provisioning in Open Systems SmartFlexTM solution.




For further information contact:




Open Systems Marketing Manager


Federico Hederich (fhederich@open.com.so)




 Open Systems Marketing Department


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María del Mar Caldas(mcaldas@open.com.co)




Open Systems Communication Offices


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Telephone: +1 (305) 6773149










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