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Starhome Mach’s Full LTE Portfolio Delivers 4G Globalization

by david.nunes

Starhome Mach Accelerates Globalization of LTE with Complete LTE Roaming Portfolio

Enables and Accelerates Roaming between Networks, “Unsilences” Roamers, and Improves Steering for Profit Maximization

Zurich, Switzerland; 23 June 2014 – Starhome Mach, the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing services, announces the availability of its complete LTE Roaming Services Portfolio at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam. The portfolio includes everything operators require to quickly implement and deploy LTE roaming as well as products for efficiency, management, and revenue enhancement.

Operators are just beginning to enable LTE roaming but the process can be slow and costly if new LTE roaming agreements are needed. Requirements such as fall back to 3G for voice calls significantly increase technical complexity and reduce quality of service. Starhome Mach’s LTE portfolio is accelerating connections between networks, simplifying the technology mix, ensuring LTE roaming is readily available, and maintaining quality of the user experience.

“Many operators are now completing domestic implementation and launch of LTE. Subscribers will expect their LTE service to continue when roaming, with its higher speeds and seamless quality of service,” says Guy Reiffer, VP Marketing and Partnerships at Starhome Mach. “Operators will also need roaming value-added services that support LTE. We have upgraded our full suite of roaming products to ensure it is fully ready.”

Starhome Mach’s LTE roaming portfolio currently comprises four main aspects. The LTE Accelerator enables seamless 4G roaming while leveraging existing 3G roaming agreements, opening networks to the entire LTE world. The LTE steering of roaming solution guarantees QoS and a better user experience by minimizing service disruptions between LTE and GSM, both in visited networks and at international borders where accidental roaming may occur. LTE campaign management maximizes data usage, revenues, and customer satisfaction with personalized marketing campaigns to boost awareness of LTE capabilities, rates, and packages. The entire portfolio is integrated with business analytics and management into a synergetic, single view of the entire roaming department.

“Operators have been gearing up to offer 4G for years,” concluded Reiffer. “Now that it’s a reality, they need to make sure they can seamlessly and profitably provide all LTE benefits everywhere.”

Meet Starhome Mach at LTE World Summit in Amsterdam, stand #49, 24-25 June.

About Starhome Mach

Starhome Mach drives mobility forward, adding value through enabling technologies for global and cloud connectivity. We sit within and between 300 operators in more than 130 countries. 

We remove boundaries, giving subscribers the freedom to roam across network technologies and geographies. 

For operators, our solutions provide one place to manage the wholesale and retail inter-carrier business while deriving more value from the underlying networks. We link operators and applications to create truly global mobile applications.

The company’s three main offices are located in Switzerland, Luxembourg and India. It also has a worldwide network of support locations providing local support and professional services.

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