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Starhome unveils its new State-of-the-art Global Services Operations Center (GSOC)

by david.nunes

Starhome’s GSOC – a sophisticated global control and monitoring center tracks the migratory movements and services of over one and a half billion mobile roaming tourists simultaneously

Zurich, Switzerland; December 14, 2010Starhome®, the leading provider and acknowledged driving force behind roaming profitability for mobile network operators, unleashes its new Global Services Operations Center (GSOC) together with OMNYX, the industry’s first sophisticated integrative roaming management and innovation system.

The advanced GSOC center maximizes operators’ revenues and creates new revenue-generating opportunities by proactively identifying and evaluating global roaming events.  In addition, the GSOC routinely performs preventative maintenance to ensure optimal network conditions. Management systems monitor critical system parameters, and databases provide immediate information and backup.

Starhome presented a visual mega event scenario where it demonstrated the GSOC’s ability to identify environmental disruptions and peaks in services.  For example, the effects of events such as earthquakes and volcanic ash clouds are all viewed in real time, allowing the GSOC to take appropriate action to increase operator’s revenue and improve subscribers’ quality of service.   The GSOC can also detect an immediate drop in traffic volumes due to an unexpected problem on the network.  After identifying the cause, the operator is informed, and immediate solutions and campaigns are triggered to minimize traffic and revenues loss.

By providing 24/7 global coverage of its operators’ subscribers, the GSOC identifies network failures that could potentially compromise subscribers’ services and cause revenue loss to the operator.  Concealed system problems such as service availability, carrier failures and data quality are all detected in real time. The GSOC can also identify trends or capacity issues for the company’s 200+ mobile operators in 130 countries.

The GSOC is also equipped with the technology to identify large groups of subscribers in a single location, such as a mega sporting event. Knowing that for a limited time these subscribers may be highly responsive to appealing offers, unique mobile-specific campaigns are automatically generated for immediate deployment.   For example, an important moment during the game will trigger campaigns that typically offer reduced rates, enticing subscribers to share the excitement with friends and family. The result for operators is increased usage that translates to increased revenue.

Starhome also recently launched OMNYX, the industry’s first integrative roaming management and innovation system.  OMNYX provides advanced algorithms, recommendations and forecasts for mobile operators to improve their roaming business performance and the quality of service and solutions for their customers.  The system encompasses proprietary analytical technology to simplify the business decision-making process by presenting essential information about the operator’s roaming traffic.

Amit Daniel, Vice President of Marketing added: “Since its establishment in 1999, Starhome has invested tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure management and our globally held IP network, with a third of Starhome’s annual budget being used for R&D purposes. The GSOCs are connected to our IP network, both unique in the industry – enabling Starhome to offer managed service-based products and solutions. With our IP network investment, 20 patented solutions and a fast growing customer base, the outlook for 2011 is very positive in all areas.”

About Starhome

Starhome® is a global leader in providing innovative, market-driven roaming solutions. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has grown and matured into an industry-recognized authority on roaming solutions. Through leveraging its accumulated roaming knowledge to focus on market needs, Starhome is able to provide operators with innovative and lucrative management tools, making it the driving force behind roaming profitability.

We have developed a comprehensive range of products and services that work in synergy to target market opportunities, spanning the full spectrum of roaming industry needs. Our industry-intelligent solutions strengthen your competitive edge in the constantly changing mobile market.

Starhome’s product portfolio serves each major aspect of roaming:

Retail products stimulate and increase roaming traffic and usability. For Wholesale requirements we offer powerful solutions to enable you to meet your business targets and IOT discount agreements. Our Network Operations offering includes solutions to optimize network efficiency, improve quality of service, and reduce cost of ownership.

Our service portfolio includes real-time, integrative roaming management and innovation tools — working in collaboration with our product portfolio – that provide analysis, forecasts, simulations and recommendations, along with a current worldwide visualization of your roaming business.  System tools provide real-time access to the information you need to maximize your business goals and strategies.

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