Stoke Supercharges Its 4G/LTE Security eXchange With 5X Performance Boost

Mobile Broadband Startup Introduces Ultra High-Speed Version, Ramps Shipments of Gateway Solutions To Meet Escalating Demand for Standalone LTE Security Solutions



SANTA CLARA, Calif. — October 18, 2011Mobile broadband developer Stoke, Inc.

today announced an ultra high performance version of its Stoke Security eXchange solution for 4G/LTE networks.  Capable of an unprecedented 40 Gbps of throughput, the standalone Security eXchange with XGLC20 packet processing card equips operators with unmatched capabilities to secure and encrypt huge volumes of LTE mobile broadband services without introducing latency or impairing quality.


The ability to adapt to traffic surges, deliver a high quality multimedia experience, aggregate multiple radio types and secure IP-based communications are among the chief operator priorities as they transition to 4G/LTE.  With mobile broadband traffic expected to grow by over 3000% over the next five years, there is intense pressure on traditional network infrastructure elements to secure and intelligently handle exponentially increasing mobile broadband traffic. 


Integrating encryption into LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) elements can significantly reduce performance whereas specialized approaches such as Stoke’s relieve this pressure.  As a result, Stoke is taking an increasingly prominent role in delivering affordable, scalable encryption solutions for LTE and is currently the market leader in deployed standalone LTE security solutions. Since the beginning of 2010, Stoke has consistently increased its shipment rate by 50% quarter on quarter, and between Q4 of 2010 and Q2, 2011 has more than doubled its installed base.


“Security is a priority function in LTE networks and is also a prescribed aspect of 3GPP mobile networks,” said Jennifer Pigg, Vice President at industry analyst firm The Yankee Group.  “The standalone model, as in the case of Stoke, allows network operators to scale the security function independently from other EPC functions, which becomes increasingly important as pressure on the network grows.”


Now in pre-production with customer trials scheduled in Q4 of 2011, Stoke’s Security eXchange with XGLC20 provides 10Gbps line rate encryption of user and control plane traffic between LTE base station (eNodeB) devices and the core network, offering five times the throughput and up to four times the session management capacity of previous versions.  This massive performance boost underscores Stoke’s increasingly prominent position in providing scalable secure backhaul and traffic management solutions for LTE communications. 


In recent Voice over LTE trials with the MultiService Forum, Stoke successfully demonstrated that, with the right standalone platform, operators could deploy IPSec without system latency or throughput performance penalty while ensuring subscriber, network and services integrity. Stoke believes the enhancement is ideally timed to support increasing demand as the volume of subscribers and traffic grows in early deployments, and the industry at large accelerates its transition to 4G/LTE services.


“This performance increase continues our strategy of enabling operators to keep ahead of the traffic demand curve,” said Mike Homeier, vice president of product management at Stoke.  “Achieving true line rate, 10 Gbps encryption stretches the physical boundaries of what has previously been possible. It exemplifies leading edge silicon design and manufacturing and once again raises the bar for other mobile broadband vendors. We have broken new ground in amplifying the performance of our already outstanding solution.  


Stoke Security eXchange With XGLC20

Stoke’s Security eXchange encrypts user and control plane traffic between LTE base station (eNodeB) devices and the core network at line rate, with no impact on throughput or performance quality.  It allows operators to mitigate the strategic risks inherent in deploying all-IP LTE networks and improves their ability to scale their networks to accommodate growth in traffic and eNodeBs.  The new, enhanced capacity and capabilities for evolved packet core gateway applications include:

  • 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports (active and standby) per line card.
  • 20 Gbps (full duplex) total throughput line rate processing per line card;
  • 40 Gbps of total throughput in a fully redundant 5 RU SSX-3000;,
  • 10 Gigabits per second line rate encryption / decryption down to 96 byte packets;
  • Up to 240k active concurrent sessions and 3.8M active service classes per card; and
  • Power efficient: XGLC20 consumes less than 25 watts per Gigabit of throughput


The Stoke Security eXchange with XGLC20 is completely lead-free.


About Stoke, Inc.
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