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Storage Reinvented: Avere Delivers Storage Solution for Cloud Era

by david.nunes

Storage Reinvented: Avere Delivers Storage Solution for Cloud Era

Avere Cloud NAS Enables Freedom to Store and Access Data Anywhere Without Compromises

Key Highlights

·         Avere Cloud NAS drives the cost out of data storage with unlimited capacity scaling in the cloud and unlimited performance scaling at the edge of the data center.

·         Existing on-premises storage systems are tightly integrated with cloud storage to enable highly available, secure and scalable performance.

·         Avere FlashCloud™ for FXT Series Edge filers introduced, with initial support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier.

LAS VEGAS (AWS re:Invent Show Booth #306) – November 12, 2013 – Avere Systems today announced Avere Cloud NAS, a groundbreaking solution that changes the economics and functionality of data storage for the cloud era. Avere Cloud NAS enables companies to leverage public and private storage clouds for workloads previously limited to on-premises high performance storage systems.

Bridging the Gap between Cloud Economics and Performance

Enterprises understand the potential game-changing economics provided by cloud storage, but limitations – such as an unfamiliar object interface, unreliable performance due to high latency and concerns regarding availability of data – have prevented many from taking advantage of the tremendous cost savings that the cloud offers.Avere Cloud NAS helps enterprises overcome these hurdles by providing a purpose-built solution that integrates their existing storage systems with the cloud without sacrificing the performance, availability or security of their data.

“We have decades of media assets that we must store, representing petabytes of data,” said Steve Kowalski, Vice President of Systems Engineering at Sony Pictures Imageworks. “Avere Cloud NAS presents an opportunity to reduce the cost and footprint associated with this type of storage in conjunction with a company whose products we know and trust.”

Avere FlashCloud Software for Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier Access Provides One Global View of Files

A key component of Avere Cloud NAS is the introduction of Avere FlashCloud software that integrates legacy Network Attached Storage (NAS) with Amazon S3 and Glacier services into a single global namespace (GNS) that presents a unified view of all files via familiar NAS protocols. FlashCloud running on Avere’s performance-leading FXT Edge filers delivers:

·         Scalable performance that guarantees there is always sufficient CPU and network IO for demanding applications.

·         Scalable capacity which enables a large working set of active data, up to 450TB, to be stored on the enterprise premise to ensure a high “hit rate” and low latency access to data.

·         Clustering for high availability that ensures data is always available even in the presence of network outages and other failures.

“Avere has always been on the forefront of pushing the boundaries of file storage performance and efficiency. Avere Cloud NAS is a natural evolution of the product, advancing the adoption of cloud storage for serious business use cases,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “This latest offering provides that critical link for enterprise customers to utilize the cloud so they can reduce capital and operational expenses while benefitting from Avere’s benefit of scale out and scale up performance.”

Unmatched Flexibility for Movement and Migration between Cloud and Legacy NAS Storage

In conjunction with Avere FlashCloud, existing Avere products such as FlashMove™ and FlashMirror™ provide a fast path for easily moving online, live data to and from the cloud without disruption. Data can also be moved between cloud providers or mirrored to another location to mitigate the risk of a service outage.

“We are currently working with customers who have massive amounts of data who had never thought it was possible to leverage the cloud for more than a fraction of their storage,” said Ron Bianchini, Avere President and CEO. “Avere Cloud NAS eliminates the most serious technological challenges these customers face with moving to the cloud. Moreover, the combination of Avere with Amazon Web Services offerings gives them an enormous cost advantage over traditional storage models and allows them to bend the data center cost curve.”

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About Avere Systems

Avere Systems brings to the market NAS Optimization solutions designed specifically to scale performance and capacity separately and take advantage of new storage media using real-time tiering. Avere’s FXT Series Edge filers allow organizations to achieve unlimited application performance scaling, free applications from the confines of the data center by eliminating latency and cut storage costs by more than half. Learn more at http://www.averesystems.com and you can follow the company on @AvereSystems.

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