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Streaky.com launches free Instant Transfer Desktop App for sending large files fast

by david.nunes

Streaky.com launches free Instant Transfer Desktop App for sending large files fast


…Streaky app sends files as quick as a flash…


Streaky.com the file transfer site for sending large files for free is pleased to announce the beta launch of it’s Instant Transfer Desktop App – a new, 100% free way to share huge files, fast.


The desktop app provides 2 simple ways to send files:


Firstly the new APP to APP method. The sender simply pings the receiver via the app to let them know they have a file waiting. When the recipient launches the link in the APP the transfer starts. As the file doesn’t upload to a server the transfer time is only limited to the speed of the senders broadband connection making for extremely fast transfers.


Streaky Gee, Founder and CEO of Streaky.com said “Whilst still in Beta the speed and privacy of the transfers has been a big hit with film and music companies here in the UK. They usually have to FTP files or bike then around as the current upload services leave them worried that stray download links could be passed around the web and can’t trust leaving files uploaded to servers that are out of their control.”


The simplistic design of APP takes on the familiar appearance of an email client allowing users to view, delete or forward all files that have been sent or received to their email address via Streaky. The APP not only does Instant transfers, users can also send and receive files in the traditional way by uploading them via the cloud (Streaky’s secure servers) which then sends a download link to the receiver. These links stay live for 7 days unless deleted in the app.


Streaky Desktop APP in a nutshell :


APP to APP Transfers:

Unlimited Speed

Unlimited File Size

Instant Sending between APPs via a Private link

Perfect for users wishing to transfer extremely large files without the worry of security problems.


Cloud Transfers:

Send upto 2gb in file size

Send to 20 email addresses at a time

The speed of transfer is only limited by the users download speed.


To Download the APP visit :



Who’s behind Streaky.com

Streaky.com was first built in early 2011 by Streaky Mastering in London, a music post production studio who upload lots of large files daily to their clients from around the world.


Streaky Gee, Founder & CEO said “Uploading loads of large files daily was usually a bit of a pain…we wanted a simple, fast, secure file transfer website… so we built our own…our clients loved it so we opened it up for anybody to use for free…”


It has since sent over 1.5 million files worldwide and counting.


Streaky.com main features:

  • Send files up to 2GB
  • Send them to 20 people at the same time
  • Simple & Secure
  • No registration
  • No wait times
  • No adverts
  • It’s 100% FREE





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