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Study shows spending on mobile broadband up 40% year on year

by david.nunes

Mobile Broadband Study 2010* covers HSPA+ use in France, Germany, Spain, UK

· More than half of mobile broadband users are interested in high-speed mobile broadband or LTE

· About 50% access mobile broadband on the go; one in five fixed users want to move to mobile broadband

· Two-thirds of users access mobile broadband from devices smaller than laptops

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Mobile Broadband Study 2010 reported a 40% increase in average monthly spend on mobile broadband compared to 2009. This can be attributed to increased use of mobile broadband among existing customers and higher penetration of the service in market segments with more disposable income. Added to this, is the wide availability of bundled or subsidized offers for laptops and netbooks with the purchase of a mobile broadband connection.

“The study highlights that demand for mobile broadband is rapidly increasing due to its potential to deliver the connected experience people want, wherever they are,” said Beppe Donagemma, head of West & South Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks. “However, the quality of experience needs to improve to increase adoption. Operators need to prepare their networks to handle future volume and data traffic types to sustain mobile broadband growth.”

The majority of mobile broadband users in France, Germany, Spain and the UK want a better mobile broadband experience – faster data speeds, improved quality and better coverage. For a better experience, more than half of the respondents (58%) are interested in high-speed mobile broadband and 30% are even willing to pay a premium for it. The majority of users also said they would be interested in LTE as a preferred next step for improved broadband.

Almost a third of users said they intend to spend more time accessing the Internet via mobile broadband (31%), while a quarter of non-mobile broadband users expressed interest in taking it up.

The study also found that about 80% of the users accessed the Internet with a mobile broadband connection from home. According to the study, about half of the mobile broadband subscribers use mobile broadband on the go, and one in five fixed broadband users is looking to move to mobile broadband. This highlights that mobility remains an important aspect in Internet consumption.

The importance of mobility is further underscored by the finding that subscribers are more likely to use smaller devices, such as mini laptops/netbooks (34%), smartphones and smart devices (25%) to access mobile broadband, compared to PCs (27%) and standard laptops.

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