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Subex helps Telekom Slovenije address ‘Bill Shock’

by david.nunes

BANGALORE, INDIA: Subex Limited, a leading global provider of Operations

and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), announced today that it has

successfully helped Telekom Slovenije implement a solution to protect their

customers from unexpected high communications bills: a phenomenon called “Bill


The risk of Bill shock has increased because individuals and businesses are

using a growing range of telecoms services. In Slovenia, the government has

directed all operators to alert their customers of potentially high telecoms bills in a

timely way.

Subex’s ROC Fraud Management was implemented at Telekom Slovenije in late

2009. This solution has helped the service provider to assess usage patterns

among subscribers quickly and, in turn, provide it with the intelligence and

analysis to select the subscribers that need to be warned.

The CEMM (Credit Exposure Management Module) of Subex’s ROC Fraud

Management along with SAP’s Credit Risk solution has helped Telekom Slovenije

create a dynamic credit risk limit for subscribers based on average usage for

three months. Through detailed reporting and analysis the solution provides a

clear view of any significant increase in the subscriber’s bill almost immediately,

and thereby provides Telekom Slovenije enough time to warn their customer.

Mr. Tomaz Kraskovic, Director Finance Department at Telekom Slovenije said

“We take customer service very seriously and we want to avoid our customers

receiving unexpectedly high bills. The Subex solution is flexible and allows us to

quickly alert customers if we think they may be overspending on their phone bill.”

Paul Skillen, President – Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Subex Ltd said, “With

an increasing range of services available to customers in Europe, bill shock

reduction is an extremely sensitive and volatile issue for Communication Service

Providers (CSPs). Service providers such as Telekom Slovenije understand the

importance of positive customer experience and our solutions help them provide

pro-active customer experience seamlessly and efficiently.”

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