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Submarine Networks World Africa 2011

by david.nunes

Event: Submarine Networks World Africa 2011
Date:  25-28 July
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre
Email: tarryn.volkwyn@terrapinn.co.za
+27 (0) 11 516 4030

The demand for knowledge and connectivity has driven the need to discover more avenues for reliable communication – fibre is the answer.

Heads of International Business, Chief Operations Officers and Heads of Carrier Services have identified the following opportunities:

•    Implementing hybrid networks to make it easier to manage connectivity faults
•    Opening new routes to increase profits from international capacity
•    Implementing new technologies to enhance network performance and efficiency

The momentum of new cable projects will accelerate the scale of connectivity on the continent. With this, Africa is sure to receive bigger investments and more cable projects.
At Submarine Networks World Africa 2011 you will discover how you can benefit from the profitability that this opportunity offers. Will fibre and satellite operators be able to find a cohesive solution to meet Africa’s thirst for broadband?

How can you benefit from Africa’s booming fibre projects and increased capacity?
Submarine Networks World Africa 2011 presents the opportunity for the industry to meet and discuss the future of this growing industry. This conference will drive innovation, opportunity and strategy for operators, telcos and investors.

You will learn:

•    How to choose a business model for delivering cost effective fibre to the African market
•     How to plan and implement the migration to next generation backhaul
•    How to capitalise on Africa’s unused routing options to gain access to international networks
•    How to balance customers demand for higher speeds of broadband at lower costs
•    How to deploy reliable last mile access technologies

Join us from the 25th – 28th of July at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa to debate, discuss and drive forward the agenda for fibre connectivity, with industry leaders who have the ability to make it happen.

To register simply visit www.terrapinn.com/2011/subnetsafrica and hit register now. To download the conference brochure click here: http://www.terrapinn.com/template/live/documents.aspx?e=3889

P.S. To sponsor, contact my colleague Roxanne on +27 11 516 4959


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