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Sunlight and solar power brighten Easynet’s day

by david.nunes

Sunlight and solar power brighten Easynet’s day

New customers include top names from the utilities, service, and manufacturing industries

London, 18 September 2012 – When one million people in the UK wear one of your garments to work every day, when 100,000 delivery points rely on your services every week, and when your business purchases enough sheets to stretch around the earth six times every year, your company’s IT infrastructure has to be second-to-none. From its provision of bedding in Special Care Baby Units, to its delivery of operating theatre scrubs and hotel linens, millions of people every day are touched by new Easynet customer The Sunlight Service Group Limited.

The Sunlight Service Group Limited is one of a group of customers which also includes Fotowatio Renewable Ventures and Sibelco SCR who are signing up to Easynet to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and to ensure their networks are ready for new and innovative ways of working. Switching applications to the cloud, introducing sleek unified communications systems and the careful management of big data are all currently hot topics on their agendas.

Sunlight – the UK’s leading supplier of textile rental and laundering services to the hospitality, industrial, commercial, healthcare and public sectors consulted with Easynet who recommended that the critical systems, processes and applications the organisation relies upon needed an MPLS network backed up with watertight Service Level Agreements. Easynet has gone on to deliver this for the business as part of a three year, £1million + contract.

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) is one of the leading global operators specialised in the development, construction, financing and operation of photovoltaic generation facilities and thermosolar energy. With ambitious but realistic growth plans, FRV tasked Easynet with building a single platform to integrate its global IT services. This was to help FRV improve current operational performance and ensure the business is in a perfect position for future expansion.

Easynet recommended a cloud- based solution for FRV’s corporate systems and applications, which enables FRV to centralize Scada – the primary vertical application in the energy industry for the management and control of power generation facilities – which demands a high level of business criticality. A new MPLS network connects FRV’s corporate offices in Spain, Italy and Australia, and the solutions are complemented by a help desk for its IT service in Spain.

Daniel Sagi-Vela, CFO of FRV, said that “Easynet has understood very well the needs of FRV, and has shown great flexibility in integrating their services. Their resolute approach to serve companies with a strong internationalisation strategy has greatly facilitated communication and has been key in our decision. We believe that this agreement will help us in achieving our ambitious business plan”.

Juggling 140-year heritage, rapid global expansion and leading edge ICT infrastructure is not for the faint hearted but mineral extraction company Sibelco SCR tackles this complexity with ease. A comprehensive IT strategy is essential to support its continued sustainable growth, so the company recently signed a contract with Easynet Global Services to deliver a suite of application-focused network-solutions for its Europe and Asia regions. Easynet is connecting Sibelco’s sites across Europe, Asia and the Americas with its Smart APM MPLS solution. The application aware network solution is backed up with Easynet’s industry-leading SLAs.

Justin Fielder, Easynet’s CTO said: “Our customers are businesses that are aiming for growth on either a local or global scale. We listen to their business goals, then recommend and deliver the best IT solutions to get them there. They know that IT is no longer about wires in the ground: it’s an enabler to transform businesses. Helping customers achieve competitive advantage through IT is our lifeblood”.

About Easynet Global Services

Easynet Global Services is a network, hosting and cloud integration business. It has customers, employees and offices in every continent, and combines global reach with local expertise, providing a personalised experience wherever its customers are in the world.

Customers include EDF, Sage, FOX, Yakult, Transport for London, Bridgestone, Q Park and Campofrio.

Together with the management team, Easynet is owned by LDC (Lloyds TSB Development Capital). LDC is the leading mid-market private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group.

For more information visit www.easynet.com

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