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Superior customer satisfaction paves the way for life:)’s success

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Superior customer satisfaction paves the way for life:)’s success


Decrease of customer complaint rates by 75%


Paderborn (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine) July 5, 2011: For more than half a year life:), Ukrainian mobile operator, has been successfully using Orga Systems’ real-time charging, active mediation and policy control solution NGCP. Having been installed in less than four weeks, the solution has been used to charge all life:) subscribers via this single platform. Ukraine’s highly competitive market requires real-time based mediation, charging and policy control solutions to enable innovative services and personalized tariffs to win new customers and keep existing ones. Satisfied customers that have a number of tariff and technological innovations and advantages are the key for life:) to staying ahead of the competition.

Performance increase by more than 300%


In November 2010, life:) successfully launched the Next Generation Control Point product (NGCP), which is bringing a number of significant advantages to the company and its clients. One of the advantages of the unified platform is the significant increase in performance and efficiency, which reached over 300% in maintaining flexibility of system configuration. life:)’s customers highly benefited from flexibility of integration with GGSN charging node, which has enabled more effective charging since NGCP went live last year. “NGCP plays a great role in increasing life:)’s customer satisfaction index as it provides high accuracy in charging. Combination of performance and functionality makes the NGCP solution a unique instrument for achieving higher customer satisfaction with new marketing products and operational quality. For example, after NGCP launch we managed to decrease customer complaint rates regarding GPRS charging by 75%”, – states Ismail Celikkol, Deputy General Director – Service Network, life:).


Unified platform as key for customer satisfaction


Orga Systems enables life:) to stay ahead of the field by moving away from pure bandwidth control towards smart bandwidth management, enabling personalized offerings – option which allows the operator to keep its competitive advantage in such a highly saturated market as in the Ukraine. Integrated convergent real-time charging and billing are the centralized means to achieve superior customer satisfaction. Managing all subscribers on a single system, operators can deliver the services that can meet customers’ expectations and needs in the best way as the system enables them to monitor their subscribers’ preferences, usage patterns and behavior. life:) utilizes NGCPs and OPSC Gold’s superior real-time capabilities, which bring all mentioned benefits to the company and its subscribers.


About life:)


The Ukrainian GSM operator life:) that serves 8.7 million subscribers as of Q1 2011 is providing simple, easy to use, value for money communication services that satisfy customers’ needs and build stronger communities throughout the country.

life:) is a dynamic growing GSM company that believes that quality communication services can change the lives of its customers for better, allows its partners and employees to realize their potential to the full and is shaping not only the future of the telecommunications market but the Ukrainian society overall.

life:) network covers the territory where 96.4% of population lives. life:) provides roaming opportunities in 172 countries via 468 roaming partners. The operator was the first to introduce EDGE technology that offers high speed data transfer. Now the technology is enabled in 100% life:) network.

488 life:) customer care centers and exclusive sales points operate in 185 cities of the country. In addition to that, life:) subscribers can order life:) services through 34,600 non-exclusive shops.


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