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Swiss Internet Provider Dynamic-NET Launches CM4all WebsiteCreator

by david.nunes

Cologne, Germany; Boston, USA – August 23, 2010

CM4all, a leading provider of web-based applications, is proud to announce that Swiss Internet service provider Dynamic-NET successfully launched the CM4all WebsiteCreator for its business and residential customers. With more than 20,000 end customers, Dynamic-NET is among the top ten Internet providers in Switzerland.

“We constantly strive to gear our portfolio towards customer satisfaction. Market-leading CM4all WebsiteCreator software helps us enable our customers to build a compelling, professional Internet presence without any programming knowledge required,” explains Enver Jasiqi, managing partner of Dynamic-NET.

The CM4all WebsiteCreator Business Edition is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses that are sure to benefit from numerous product features like Flash intros and a Flash editor, premium maps from Microsoft Bing™ with route and location planners, a database module, and live statistics. The business media album and the business blog help users easily manage and publish various multimedia files in a graphically appealing way. The software also comes with an e-commerce version including PayPal® and an SEO tool set, which allows users to enter global and page specific keywords, to automatically generate a sitemap.xml, and to incorporate 3rd party web analytics. In a single step, the website can be published in html and W3C accessible versions with just the click of a mouse.

The CM4all WebsiteCreator Consumer Edition offers various wizards that support private customers in creating high-quality homepages intuitively and without difficulties. Users simply choose from a list of themes and are then provided with corresponding professionally designed templates. The websites created feature clear navigation and innovative Web 2.0 features such as a community media album, a multi-author video blog, a location and route planner, and a voting tool. Photo, video and music files can be uploaded to the site effortlessly, and user-friendly community functions enable friends and family members to assist in creating and managing the website’s content.

“We’re looking forward to a successful partnership with Dynamic-NET,” says Robert Schovenberg, CEO of Content Management AG. “This is another example that our CM4all WebsiteCreator Editions are an excellent supplement for traditional hosting services and provide end customers with real added value.”

In both the CM4all WebsiteCreator Business and Consumer Editions, the graphical user interface was adapted to Dynamic-NET’s corporate design and installed in a German language version. Content Management AG will manage the software, guarantee its availability through 24/7 support, and regularly update both the operating system and the software application.

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