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Swiss service provider Glattwerk choses KEYMILE solution

by david.nunes

Swiss service provider Glattwerk choses KEYMILE solution

Hanover, July 27, 2012 ­ Based in Dübendorf in the Swiss canton of Zurich, Glattwerk AG supplies the local population with radio, television, Internet and telephony. The company is using KEYMILE¹s multi-service access platform MileGate to migrate from a hybrid cable network to a complete FTTH network. Thanks to high port density, much less space is required than for comparative solutions.

Service supplier Glattwerk is in the process of replacing its hybrid-fibre-coaxial (HFC) cable distribution network, in use for many years, with a complete optical fibre (FTTH, Fibre-to-the-Home) network.
KEYMILE’s multi-service access platform MileGate is the technical backbone of the new solution. KEYMILE is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for communications solutions in access and transmission systems.

Glattwerk¹s residential customers have optical fibre connections in their own homes and businesses on their own premises. As a result, a continuous optical fibre line exists between suppliers and end customers. A special, optical Ethernet card in MileGate enables transmission of the existing cable TV signal (RF-overlay for CATV) simultaneously with broadband Internet on the same optical fibre. The customer¹s terminal equipment
(CPE) turns the optical signals back into electrical ones. Different wavelengths are used for optical transmission (WDM) in order to transmit the TV signal with all the analogue and digital radio and television programmes, at the same time as the Internet and telephony data stream.

After converting the optical signal into an electrical TV signal, it can be easily fed back into the existing coaxial cables. The optical Ethernet signal is conducted to the terminal equipment. Residential customers can then connect up their computers to obtain Internet access, or other IP-based terminal devices (e.g. SIP phones, or set-top boxes for IPTV).
The fibre-optic connection enables perfect, as well as reliable, signal transmission at data rates of up to 1 Gbps per line. Consequently, Glattwerk is prepared for any conceivable future applications. Due to the extremely high level of port density, solutions are also possible even when space is at a premium.

“MileGate has allowed us to achieve a solution that fulfils our requirements regarding flexible FTTH expansion. Now we can choose whether to supply connections, with or without RF-overlay, from the same platform,² comments Markus Gautschi, CEO at Glattwerk AG in Dübendorf. “At the same time, with this integral concept MileGate has very high port density. It also responds to all our demands with respect to IT reliability, switching functions, fail-safe operation and redundancy.²

About Glattwerk

Glattwerk AG is an autonomous company belonging to the town of Dübendorf and supplies the Dübendorf region with electricity, gas, radio and TV signals, Internet and telephony. In addition to constructing, operating and maintaining supply networks, it also offers further services like heat contracting, energy consulting, and telecommunications installations in buildings. As a telecommunications provider, Glattwerk AG delivers Internet, telephony, radio and television to neighbouring regions too. For more information visit glattwerk.ch.


KEYMILE is a leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for communications solutions in access and transmission systems. The flexible and robust IP-based multi-service access platforms allow telecommunications providers to supply a variety of voice and data services via copper wire and optical fibre. Simultaneous availability of IP/Ethernet and TDM technology guarantees smooth migration to the Next Generation Network. Keymile systems are used for reliable data transmission in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by railway companies and energy suppliers, as well as in mobile and professional mobile radio networks. The company has major business bases in Germany and Switzerland, as well as subsidiaries and partners worldwide. It has installed systems in more than 100 countries. For more information visit keymile.com.


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