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Swisscom first to offer CreaLog’s Mobile Voice Recording for Swiss banks

by david.nunes

Swisscom first to offer CreaLog’s Mobile Voice Recording for Swiss banks

Munich/Zurich, 20. January – Communications technology created by Crealog forms the basis of a new recording service that Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, Swisscom, has launched in January 2015. It enables financial institutions and other organizations to record mobile phone calls and SMS along with other, related data. The service is built on Crealog’s Mobile Call Recording solution and is the first of its kind to be implemented in a European mobile telephone network.

In consequence of the recent global financial crisis, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA, now requires financial institutions within its jurisdiction to record and retain communications with their customers to serve as evidence at some later time if needed. Crealog’s Mobile Voice Recording technology helps these organizations extend their compliance with this requirement to Swisscom’s mobile telephone network.

Switzerland is not the only European country to strengthen customer protection within its financial sector. The EU’s directive 2014/65/EU of 15 May 2014 makes similar provisions for the banking industry across the 28 member states, starting 2017, while legislation to this effect is already in force in individual European countries.

Crealog’s Mobile Call Recording, as a managed service developed to be offered by telcos, records mobile phone calls, SMS, and call detail data and archives them for any given time. Organizations can use this service simply by registering the corresponding phone numbers with their network provider. The service is device-independent, and no dedicated software is needed on the mobile devices.

If a call is made from or to a registered mobile number, callers will first hear a “the call is being recorded” message. All call data is encrypted so only authorized persons can access the information. Furthermore, all accesses are logged.


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