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Sybase 365 Launches First Global LTE Network Roaming Service

by david.nunes


Enabling Mobile Operators to Provide Seamless Roaming to LTE Customers Globally

Across all Network Standards– Ensuring Best User Experience


BARCELONA, SPAIN – FEBRUARY 27 2012 – GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS —Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, today launched a new Diameter Routing Hub that allows roaming flexibility to global LTE subscribers. Leveraging Sybase 365® IP Exchange (IPX) backbone and enabled by Mavenir Systems’ Diameter Routing technology, the Diameter Routing Hub is the world’s first commercial service enabling comprehensive LTE network roaming. 

“As an integral part of the mobile ecosystem, Sybase 365 is in a unique position to help drive seamless LTE connectivity worldwide,” said John Sims, President, Sybase 365. “This new solution not only extends our commitment to providing operators with reliable, best-in-class network solutions, it also showcases our ability to fulfil the LTE promise of genuine interoperability while creating value for consumers.” 

LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever; however, current deployments have had little or no roaming support. With Sybase 365 Diameter Hubbing capability for LTE Roaming, operators will be able to offer roaming to their LTE subscribers who venture to other compatible LTE networks around the world.  This will enable consumers to access services and enjoy a seamless experience as they roam into other network environments.

“Roaming is a key enabler for the rapid growth and adoption of LTE,” said Pardeep Kohli, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mavenir Systems.  “Our partnership with Sybase 365 will bring mobile operators more cost effective and innovative solutions to interconnection and service launch challenges.”

LTE technologies have skyrocketed in deployments and subscriptions on a worldwide basis. According to Informa Telecoms & Media, LTE is commercial on 57 networks in 34 countries with more than 100 total commercial networks expected by the end of 2012. As more devices supporting LTE networks are launched, seamless roaming will become extremely important, yet challenging for operators. To solve this issue, Sybase 365 Diameter Roaming Hub enables seamless authentication between the visited network and the subscriber’s home network, allowing the subscriber to roam onto a new network without restriction.


About Sybase 365

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (an SAP company; NYSE: SAP), is the global leader in enabling mobile information services for mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprises. We provide our customers with the widest offering in SMS, MMS, GRX, IPX interoperability, end-to-end mobile commerce solutions, innovative mCRM, mobile marketing and content delivery services. Sybase 365 processes more than 1.8 billion messages per day, reaching 900 operators and 5.5 billion subscribers around the world. For more information, visit: www.sybase.com/365. Read our blogs: http://blogs.sybase.com. Follow us on Twitter at @Sybase.


About Mavenir Systems

Mavenir Systems is a leading innovator of mobile infrastructure solutions for operators to offer LTE and mobile cloud services.  The company provides IP-based core network solutions for mobile operators to transform their networks and offer enhanced user experiences.  Mavenir’s customers have benefited from a number of technology ‘firsts’, which include the first networks with Voice and SMS over LTE services (VoLTE), the first networks with Mobile WiFi calling and messaging based on IMS, and the first Converged IP Messaging deployment as they embark on the path of core network transformation towards all-IP. Mavenir has the most advanced and agile offering in the market for Converged Voice, Video and Messaging using Application Servers and Core Network enablers, all deployed on the award winning mOne™ Convergence Platform.  Visit www.mavenir.com for more information.


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