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Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer solution transfers data for over one million devices

by david.nunes

Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer Solution Selected by Tier One Carriers, eTailers and Retailers around the World to Drive Cloud Strategies

Synchronoss is first to enable fully wireless peer-to-peer and cloud-based content transfer from one device to another across operating systems, devices or carriers

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – January 5, 2015 – Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNCR), the leader in mobile cloud innovation and software-based activation for mobile carriers, retailers and OEMs around the world, is pleased to announce that the Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer (MCT), an innovative, wireless content transfer solution, has  successfully transferred data for over one million devices since its debut in June, 2014 and has been deployed in over 5,000 retail and online stores for some of the world’s leading wireless carriers and retailers.  

Synchronoss MCT is redefining the user experience by providing an easy to use, game changing peer-to-peer and cloud-based solution that enables mobile customers to wirelessly transfer data and content such as contacts, photos, videos, messages (SMS/MMS), call records, music, and documents from one device to another quickly and securely. Synchronoss MCT also works across networks and operating systems, allowing customers to easily switch their content between iOS and Android devices. Synchronoss MCT will also soon support both Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

Synchronoss MCT enables mobile wireless carriers around the world to give customers an intuitive, branded experience that effortlessly migrates important content from one device to another in a fraction of the time as hard-wired solutions. The Synchronoss MCT solution also features a cloud-based version of the solution that requires no additional hardware or wired connection for successful operation. When purchasing a new mobile device or re-activating an existing device to a new network, consumers can start and complete a full data migration anywhere safely and quickly with just a Wi-Fi connection.

“Today, wireless consumers are upgrading to new devices faster than ever before and view the content on their devices as more important than the device itself,” said Stephen Waldis, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Synchronoss.  “Synchronoss MCT is giving operators improved service offerings while giving their customers the freedom and confidence to take their content with them to new devices regardless of the operating system or device type.”

The ability to quickly transfer large quantities of data anytime makes activating a new device or account for consumers easy, economical and virtually automatic. For carriers and retailers, the Synchronoss MCT solution can accelerate in-store sales by reducing wait times and eliminating expensive cable transfer boxes at stores and kiosks with a simple and intuitive user experience.
Operators and retailers are employing the Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer solution using various deployment models, enabling flexibility across a variety of sales and support channels including: 

•    Embedding the Synchronoss MCT solution into their Out of Box Experience (OOBE), giving subscribers a seamless onboarding experience 

•    Embedding the Synchronoss MCT solution into their existing My Account applications to drive self-service and adoption of their My Account capabilities 

•    Embedding the Synchronoss MCT solution into their Care Desktop solutions to minimize device returns by performing master device resets and backup and restoration of content without the need for the customer to return the device.  

“A consumer’s first experience and interaction with a new device is critically important and the Synchronoss MCT solution makes the transfer of their essential content simple and intuitive,” said Daniel Rizer, Executive Vice President of Product Management, Synchronoss. “Our customers are using the Synchronoss MCT solution for seamless onboarding, easy and secure transfer of content from their old device, and creating the ability to backup, restore, sync and share their personal content between connected devices.  Synchronoss MCT is part of a broader cloud solution that creates value for our customers such as seeding new cloud accounts, establishing service continuity and other value added applications, including content security and protection, or seeding high value loyalty applications as part of the onboarding experience.”

The introduction of the Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer solution along with Synchronoss’ market-leading solutions for service providers, underscores the importance of Synchronoss’ place in the growing ecosystem of enabling consumers to live a truly connected and integrated life.  

The company will be providing demonstrations of its solutions at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, January 5th – 9th in Las Vegas, NV.  Click here for more information or to schedule a meeting.

The product showcase will be held in the Chairman’s Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas and will feature:

•    Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer™– Provides a quick wireless peer-to-peer (P2P) or cloud-based content transfer solution. Customers can now transfer their most valuable personal content including contacts, photos, music, videos, and more to new devices, operating systems, and networks.

•    Synchronoss Personal Cloud™ – An industry-leading white-labeled personal cloud solution that allows mobile carriers to provide subscribers a fully branded, out-of-the-box storage and sync capabilities, thereby promoting customer spend and retention.  Synchronoss has become one of the leading Personal Cloud Providers in the world, signing on over 100,000 cloud subscribers per week around the globe, connecting over 33 billion entities, five billion photos, 10 billion contacts and over 100 terabytes of data uploaded to the cloud daily.  

•    Synchronoss Integrated Life™ –  A cloud platform solution enabling any device to simply and quickly activate on the network and empower end users to engage with devices and network in new ways; from smartphones and tablets to connected homes, cars and wearable devices, Integrated Life connects and activates everything and enables a seamless experience for the next generation of connected devices

About Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) is the mobile innovation leader that provides personal cloud solutions and software-based activation for connected devices across the globe. The company’s proven and scalable technology solutions allow customers to connect, synchronize and activate connected devices and services that empower enterprises and consumers to live in a connected world.  For more information visit us at www.synchronoss.com.


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