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Syniverse enables global LTE roaming for Switzerland’s Sunrise

by david.nunes

Syniverse enables global LTE roaming for Switzerland’s Sunrise

Sunrise subscribers enjoy expanded LTE roaming footprint through Syniverse’s IPX network

TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 10, 2015 – Syniverse announced today a multiyear agreement with Sunrise, enabling one of the largest telecommunications providers in Switzerland to provide its subscribers and visiting roamers with unparalleled LTE quality and speed anywhere in the world. The agreement to support Sunrise’s LTE roaming launch includes Syniverse’s globally interconnected IPX Network Solution – the network backbone that makes LTE roaming possible – as well as the critical Syniverse Diameter Signaling Service.

“Syniverse’s portfolio of LTE enablement solutions advances our mobile service offerings to meet users’ demands for quality service at home and abroad,” said Mariateresa Vacalli, Executive Director, Wholesale, Sunrise. “With the worldwide connectivity that Syniverse provides us, our subscribers enjoy seamless access to all of their services, regardless of our roaming partner’s network, while also supporting services in the future like VoLTE.”

The enhanced roaming capability Sunrise achieves through Syniverse’s IPX network is supported in part by Syniverse’s Diameter Signaling Service, which enables signaling routing and interoperability. Together, these solutions deliver multiple class-of-service levels to support voice, data and video with guaranteed security.

“Through a single connection to Syniverse’s IPX network, Sunrise gains connectivity to Syniverse’s vast customer base of nearly 1,000 mobile service providers worldwide,” said John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Transaction Services, Syniverse. “Syniverse’s one-connection-to-multiple-services approach is a cost-effective way for Sunrise to boost operational efficiencies by reducing the number of network connections it must manage on its own.”

For the past 25 years, Syniverse has provided interoperable solutions for SS7 to C7, CDMA to GSM, and 2G/3G to LTE and VoLTE. Additionally, Syniverse signaling experts helped write the industry’s LTE roaming standards, which have played a critical role in helping mobile operators conduct end-to-end LTE roaming trials and commercial launches. The company’s LTE solutions currently process more than 6 billion LTE transactions per month on behalf of more than 23 million monthly LTE roamers. This is made possible by the Syniverse IPX network that provides more than 500 connections to mobile providers worldwide. Examples of the company’s LTE leadership include Syniverse’s agreement to provide IPX to Softbank Mobile and to enable The Alaska Wireless Network to launch LTE roaming with a major Tier 1 North America operator.

About Syniverse
Syniverse is the leading global transaction processor that connects more than 1,500 mobile service providers, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in nearly 200 countries and territories, enabling seamless mobile communications across disparate and rapidly evolving networks, devices and applications. We deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that facilitate superior end-user experiences through always-on services and real-time engagement. For more than 25 years, Syniverse has been simplifying complexity to deliver the promise of mobility – a simple, interoperable experience, anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit www.syniverse.com, follow Syniverse on Twitter or connect with Syniverse on Facebook.

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