T-Mobile Austria to roll out ZBD’s e-paper solution to its mobile phone stores

Solution proven to achieve 40% cost savings compared to paper updates

June 28, 2012, Ascot, UK – ZBD has extended its partnership with T-Mobile Austria to provide e-paper displays for its mobile phone stores. The new order follows a successful initial phase over the past year with 11 T-Mobile stores, which has resulted in significant time savings for staff and an improved shopping experience for customers. ZBD is working with its partner MMiT to roll the solution out across Austria.

The new e-paper-based ZBD solution replaces time-consuming, manually cut labels used to display prices for phones and call packages within the store. It means that staff are free to spend more time with customers and that T-Mobile can ensure call/handset pricing information is always up to date and 100% accurate.

The solution is built on ZBD’s mid-sized epop 500 displays plus a pricing software package that allows T-Mobile to update prices centrally rather than on a store by store basis.

Klaus Slamanig, Vice president Shops, T-Mobile Austria, said: “We have saved more than 40% on material costs and employee hours in each store since implementing the ZBD solution. Printing labels on paper was not efficient or up to date, nor did it make sense to have staff replacing paper labels when they could be talking to customers about the best deals. ZBD’s wireless system transmits accurate pricing and product information to each store within seconds, cutting out wasteful manual pricing activities for good.”

Franz Josef Buschmeier, Head of Central and Eastern Europe at ZBD, said: “In a challenging marketplace like mobile telecoms, it is vital to provide accurate and competitive pricing in real-time. T-Mobile Austria has led the way with its use of electronic pricing and we are delighted to work alongside MMiT to deliver this proven solution to more and more stores across the network.”

As well as helping T-Mobile Austria reduce costs and improve customer service, ZBD’s e-paper displays allow stores to provide more information about handsets and call packages than paper labels. The displays’ contemporary design also fits in well with T-Mobile’s leading edge mobile phone stores.

About ZBD:

Formed in 2000 out of QinetiQ, ZBD is a pioneering company with its own R&D, full IPR and scalable manufacturing processes that enable it to deliver an e-paper solution with practical commercial advantages for retailers.

ZBD is a leader in the design and supply of electronic shelf edge labels and associated software solutions for the retail industry. The company has developed the next generation of LCD, creating high-contrast bistability that requires no battery power to retain its image. Its range of e-paper displays provides retailers with a total store solution and the ability to manage and update pricing, product and promotional information at point of purchase, dynamically.

For further information on ZBD, visit http://www.zbdsolutions.com/ or follow ZBD on Twitter at @zbdsolutions

About MMIT:

MMiT is an IT-Company offering a variety of services. Based in Austria, the company

offers dynamic and state of the art solutions in the IT-sector. The company provides system support, innovative software development as well as electronic shelf labelling systems. It specialises in working with companies wishing to streamline, integrate and improve their labelling systems creating a total store and multi-store solution. Using the new “e-paper” technology from ZBD, MMiT created and installed the new labelling system for T-Mobile Austria, creating the perfect multi-store solution with all the advantages of this simple and highly adaptable labelling system.