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Taisys’ WuKong Console to Revolutionize MNO-OTT Relations

by david.nunes

Taisys’ WuKong Console to Revolutionize MNO-OTT Relations

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 10, 2016 — Taisys Technologies delivers WuKong Console, a first-ever platform for managed OTT services, to promote collaboration between mobile network operators and OTT service providers. This new synergy made possible by WuKong will become an innovative source of revenue stream for MNOs battling OTT services, declining revenues, and margin squeeze. The foundation of WuKong rests on Taisys’ IMSI-Driven technology and slimduet® platform – its successful deployment of the world’s first commercialized eSIM ecosystem.

As internet service providers, carriers are bound by the principle of net neutrality in which all data should be treated equal, hence no blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization of services and contents over the internet. Nonetheless, carriers could transform its role from an internet service provider into an application service provider, whereby it is free to devise service and content diversity and delivery for its subscribers. The carrier can achieve this transformation through IMSI switching and the ability to break free from conducts of net neutrality. This in turn prompts the development of vertical collaborations where service and content are bundled with traffic and is chargeable to OTTs.

Jason Ho, Taisys’ Chairman stated, “The journey to eSIM is full of challenges to the carriers. Taisys is the carrier’s powerful companion on this journey, providing a smooth transition to unleashed carrier services, ensuring a Telco centric destination. WuKong console further empowers the magic of carrier capability to rebuild the lost walled-garden of mobile internet services.”

The platform is christened WuKong because of the similarity between its IMSI-driven capability and Sun WuKong, a Monkey King with polymorphic powers. In the classical literature, Journey to the West, WuKong appears as an aide who guards Buddhist monk Tripitaka in his quest to obtain sacred scriptures from India. WuKong is well-known for the magic where each of his own hair can be transformed into a clone of himself with the same strengths to appease disruptive opponents encountered on the journey, known as one of the 72 transformations. Carriers are capable of mastering various OTT challenges by utilizing its unlimited supply of IMSIs, just like WuKong’s unlimited supply of hair, converting each IMSI into different service providers. By having the WuKong platform to exploit this resource, carriers can amplify its capacity with boundless possibilities.

WuKong Console will be unveiled in Mobile World Congress 2016.

Taisys website: http://www.taisys.com/index

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