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TalkTalk Business SIP gets next-generation fulfilment from The Kenton Group

by david.nunes

TalkTalk Business SIP gets next-generation fulfilment from The Kenton Group

23 September 2013 The Kenton Group today announced that TalkTalk Business, a leading provider of SIP to UK Businesses, has implemented The Kenton Group’s next-generation fulfilment service to automate SBC delivery, underpinned by ITIL-based configuration management.

TalkTalk Business is using Kenton’s Provisioning Portal to deliver pre-configured SBCs for their new IP-ISDN30 service. The highly innovative and unique Provisioning Portal enables automatic configuration of SBCs and associated equipment. The solution delivers plug and play, site-specific installation which is key for volume deployment.

”Making SIP delivery simple is a USP for IP-ISDN30.” said Jon Nowell, Head of Communications Services at TalkTalk Business, adding “The Kenton Provisioning Portal provides a seamless interface between TTB and Kenton’s systems. The customer benefit is that SBC installation is fast, efficient and works first time.”

Kenton’s Provisioning Portal simplifies product configuration and delivery management for CPE on behalf of operators and ISPs across the UK and Europe. The portal streamlines the supply chain to the customer, is cost-effective for configuring routers and layer 2 CPE, simplifies and centralises the order processes and offers effective inventory management.

The Kenton Group’s provisioning portal provides a single unified interface for the provisioning of all CPE and serves as a front end to all the back-office systems involved in the procurement and delivery process. For TalkTalk Business it has been specifically designed, saving time and providing a fully auditable solution that integrates seamlessly with existing automated ordering systems.

The Kenton Group’s fulfilment service has the added benefit of avoiding human error, by the use of automated pre-configurations. Once a unit arrives at the customer’s premises it’s as simple as connecting to the EFM circuit and PBX; no on-site configuration is needed. The efficiency of the service allows for reduced installation times and associated costs. Kenton’s fulfilment service covers the entire procurement process from provisioning, physical elements, audit trails, dispatch and reporting tools to allow the end user sight of each stage of the process.

John Larkin, Managing Director of The Kenton Group says “Providing a bespoke service for our customers is key in order to deliver against their exacting requirements. Kenton’s fulfilment service allows us to add value to our service offerings. Today’s challenges have allowed Kenton to continually develop the service range offered to our customer base.”

The Kenton Group’s fulfilment service is now deployed by a number of key telecom providers throughout the UK. All driven by the initiative to deliver the best in breed technology and services, bespoke to your own specification.

For more information about the CPE Provisioning Portal, please visit The Kenton Group’s product website ( http://www.thekentongroup.com/download/sales-resources/CPE_Provisioning_Portal.pdf ) or call +44 (0)1322 552 000. Alternatively you can keep up with industry updates by following @thekentongroup on Twitter.


About The Kenton Group

Kenton Research was established more than 30 years ago to offer research design and development of telecommunications products supporting various industry standards. Kenton Research is now part of The Kenton Group which delivers network access, demarcation and connection products and solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprise and government throughout the UK and EMEA. Offering bespoke development for organisations’ unique requirements, either via its specialist in-house development team, building products to required specification or utilising best in breed technology from its partners. The Kenton Group strives to deliver access network growth through innovation and partnerships.

About TalkTalk Business

  • TalkTalk Business provides communications solutions to UK organisations, serving the needs of over 180,000 business and public sector customers and working with over 350 wholesale partners nationwide.
  • TalkTalk Business uses the Group’s Next Generation Network to power its business-grade SIP and next generation voice products at landmark prices, reducing cost and management time for all businesses.
  • TalkTalk Business offers customers a complete range of technologies to suit every need and every level of investment covering IT Networking and Security, Business Broadband and Internet Connectivity, Hosted services, Telephone systems, Call plans and Phone lines, Call Handling and Mobile.
  • With the broadest network and largest portfolio of business-grade products and services, TalkTalk Business helps British businesses take advantage of unified communications solutions to gain competitive advantage whatever their size and wherever they’re located.

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