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Tango Telecom sets new performance benchmark for Policy Server

by david.nunes

Tango Telecom sets new performance benchmark for Policy Server
MWC 2012: Benchmark shows Tango Telecom iAX™Data Policy Server Scales to support over 11 million subscribers a minute from a Single Blade Server.


Limerick, Ireland – February 8, 2012 – Tango Telecom (www.tangotelecom.com), the leading provider of Policy Control, Real-time Charging & Advanced Messaging  has today announced the results of its record-breaking Policy Server performance study on the latest generation of Commerical Off the Shelf (COTS) blade servers using Xeon 6 core CPUs. 


Tango Telecom’s iAX™ Data Policy Server achieved a sustained performance of over 12,000 PDP contexts establised per second per blade with unprecedented scalability to over 192,000 contexts per second from a single blade server chassis.  This benchmark study was a true end-to-end test and included the querying of an external Tango Telecom Subscriber Profile Repository.


Kieran Kelly, CTO of Tango Telecom, comments, “Data usage in mobile networks is growing exponentially and policy is the key component in controlling and monetising network utilisation while maintaining subscriber satisfaction.  The next wave of policy solutions must not only support innovative use cases such as load-aware policy and dynamic pricing for data, but must also be capable of scaling and performing to meet these aggressive growth demands.  To put this benchmark in context, from a fully equipped blade chassis, our iAX™Data Policy Server can establish data sessions for over 11m subscribers in one minute. As networks move towards LTE deployments, we have shown that we are genuinely LTE ready, not just with sophisticated new features, but with best in class performance and massive scalability.”


About Tango Telecom:

Tango Telecom is the leading provider of Policy Control, Real-time Charging and Advanced Messaging Solutions for evolving networks. Through a combination of seamless integration capabilities and an evolutionary approach to infrastructure replacement, Tango Telecom’s iAX™ Solution Portfolio enables the rapid launch of new and enhanced services to maximise revenue potential, increase return on capital and boost subscriber loyalty.


Tango Telecom partners with some of the world’s largest operators including América Móvil, Indosat, Zain Group, Airtel Group, Telefónica O2 and Vodafone Group to bring enhanced services to more than 450 million subscribers world-wide.  www.tangotelecom.com

Rebecca Walsh
Tango Telecom
Marketing & Communications Manager

E: rebecca.walsh@tangotelecom.com
T: +353 61 501925
M: +353 87 0523479
W: www.tangotelecom.com

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