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Targus and DCC let you make your iPad a true business tool

by david.nunes

Targus and DCC let you make your iPad a true business tool

8 February 2012

The iPad is increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ business tool for the executive on the move.   Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now stocking the Targus Zierra Portfolio Case for the iPad 2, providing protection and style for the mobile business person that does not want to drag their laptops to meetings anymore.

According to a survey with more than 800 participants done by Business Insider.com in 2011, 41.2 percent of iPad owners use the device for between two to five hours every day.  Nearly 40 percent of the participants now use their iPads as their main business tool and no longer use laptops. When having to choose between an iPad or a MacBook Air, 80 percent of the people chose an iPad. 

Says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus Product Specialist at DCC, “These statistics and the profound increase in popularity and practical accessibility of BYOD (bring your own device) indicates that there is a real and growing need for iPad accessories, as it is fast becoming an essential business tool.  They are even replacing laptops and PCs altogether in many cases.”

The Targus Zierra Portfolio Case was designed for just this and caters to all your business needs. The case is available in  red burgundy genuine leather, imparting a touch of stylish simplicity.  On its inner flap the case has tailor made compartments for both your business cards and credit cards.  “In addition, the case features a loop for a pen or stylus and re-usable cleaning pad kept in its own pocket compartment, ensuring you have a highly mobile, professional looking case to store all the extras you may need for a business meeting, lunch or trip.”

Apart from the simple functions unique to the Targus portfolio case, the case also serves its main purpose by keeping your iPad safe by closing fast with a secure magnetic closure and cushioning it with soft, scratch-resistant material on the inside.

“Targus has given this Zierra Portfolio Case a lifetime guarantee, because they know their product is a quality one and is made to withstand the toughest environments for a long time. However, if a replacement is required, Targus will exchange your portfolio directly, rather than having to make this arrangement through a reseller. If your specific model has been discontinued, Targus will exchange your case for a later version or upgraded model,” says Pretorius.

The Targus Zierra Portfolio Case for an iPad 1 and 2 is available now through DCC at a recommended retail price of R899, inclusive of VAT.


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