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TDR expands global sales team

by david.nunes



TDR expands global sales team


TDR (TeleDesign & Repair), a Finnish based high-tech global company delivering multi-vendor network repairs for the Telecom market, from data-wireline, wireless networks, optical transmission to test equipment, has recently strengthened its global sales team by recruiting Ralph Siegfried as sales director for Continental Europe.  

Ralph Siegfried joins TDR having worked for a number of large enterprise software and manufacturing companies.  He has worked for 15 years within senior management positions including new business and general management roles.   Ralph was ready for a new challenge and a company that wanted to reach markets that would test his abilities. He was appointed to concentrate on TDR’s smaller volume but high end complex products working with multi-vendors within multi-vendor environments.

Ralph Siegfried comments: “It is a pleasure to work with such a forward thinking company. I joined TDR because of their additional value proposition in the Telecom market. I can really put my new business and sales expertise to the test in a relatively untouched market.”

Tuomo Rekila, CEO of TDR says: “Ralph brings many years of experience but also a real understanding of what TDR wants to achieve which is a one-stop organisation for all Telecom related repair services. We only employ experienced and expert individuals to enhance our overall global customer service offering which is so important to TDR.”

TDR specialises in fast track screening and reverse engineering services for all current cellular technologies.  The company provide a high yield, quality and ecologically friendly, low cost repair operation.  TDR has the ability to meet special requirements from small scale cellular component replacements to complete product designs.



About TDR 



TDR is a High-Tech Finnish based company specializing in cellular network base stations- and switching domains. TDR offers its customers design, repair, reverse logistics, refurbishment and recycling services.

TDR has sites in Kemi, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia and employs ca. 40 persons. The Kemi repair site was awarded ISO 9001 –quality certificate in December 2011.

TDR also offers AMS specific Engineering, special projects, product maintenance and customer support services.

TDR delivers multi-vendor network-wide repairs from data, wireline, wireless networks, optical transmission to test equipment.

* TDR provides complete Product life cycle services
* TDR promises the quickest on the market -service by using “fast track” reverse engineering
* TDR offers superior cost competitiveness with the quickest turnaround times in the industry



Service offering:

Fast track engineering
Fast track screening


TDR’s repair portfolio includes: power supplies, filters, combiners, dividers, mast head amplifiers, TRX-units,

TR-units, PA-units, clocking units, signalling units, base band units and switching platforms for all currently used cellular technologies.

Special projects engineering


·         System test expert services

·         System verification

·         Functional verification

·         IOT verification

·         System and SW troubleshooting

·         Test process and tools

·         Test scripting (e.g TTCN3), test sequences, test case creation, execution

·         Test Automation


Project management services

·         R&D project management

·         Offshore development coordination

·         Subcontractor development coordination

·         Project process and methods consultancy



For further information please log onto www.tdr.fi




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