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TeamCast and COMPU-CONSULT monitoring Digital Terrestrial TV channels in Hungary

by david.nunes

TeamCast and COMPU-CONSULT monitoring

Digital Terrestrial TV channels in Hungary

Rennes (France), February 22, 2017 – TeamCast, the world-renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, and COMPU-CONSULT, a leader in network monitoring solutions, announce they have had a long collaboration for supplying nationwide DTV monitoring solutions to the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) in Hungary.

The work on transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial TV in Hungary started in 2011 and was completed by 2014. By that time, nationwide DTTV network was using the DVB-T system. After a rigorous evaluation process, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority selected TeamCast’s RXH DVB-T professional demodulators and COMPU-CONSULT’s TELE-OPERATOR UTS v.16 monitoring racks to build the first DTV monitoring network in Hungary.

Now Hungary is preparing the transition from DVB-T to DVB-T2 (to happen around 2018-2019) and is upgrading its monitoring system. The National Media and Infocommunications Authority again selected TeamCast’s RQX DVB-T2 demodulators and COMPU-CONSULT’s TELE-OPERATOR UTS v.16 DVB-T/T2 monitoring racks to build a future-proof system.

RXH and RQX demodulators were selected because they offer an accurate and reliable monitoring of the Radio Frequency signal characteristics, even when the receiving conditions go out of the nominal range. Furthermore they offer the requested software control flexibility for integration in a global system and deliver the Transport Stream content needed for monitoring or logging.

COMPU-CONSULT was selected for its long term expertise in building QoS and QoE monitoring instruments (IP and telecommunications) and its ability to design a customized system relying on TeamCast’s probes.

“We are pleased of this long and successful partnership with COMPU-CONSULT, first in DVB-T and now in DVB-T2” says Eric Pinson, Business Unit and Sales Manager at TeamCast. “The selection process by the final customer was very rigorous and we are proud to be selected, thanks to the unique characteristics of our monitoring demodulators” he adds.

“TeamCast brought to us the right technology, with the level of performance and reliability that the customer was expecting and the right level of technical support we needed to do the integration” says dr. Zoltán Darabos, CEO of COMPU-CONSULT.

About TeamCast:

TeamCast is a renowned and highly active member of the Digital TV ecosystem worldwide, with innovative technology offerings based on a solid expertise in Satellite and Terrestrial Digital TV transmission.

Created in 2003, and based at Rennes in France, TeamCast is deeply involved in the development, definition and verification of numerous broadcasting standards.

Today, major clients in the Broadcasting Industry from 50 different countries invest their confidence in TeamCast and its products. TeamCast has offices in Elmira (New York) and in Singapore to support the development of its business in North America and Asia, and to provide local sales and technical support services to its customers.

For more information: www.teamcast.com


COMPU-CONSULT Ltd. is a QoS and QoE testing company of Hungary founded in 1990. Its instruments and measuring systems installed since then cover fixed and mobile Telephone, Internet, IPTV, DVB and are widely used by major telco operators and authorities in Hungary.

Building on quality suppliers like TeamCast, its solutions always provide extra values for Operators striving to provide quality service to the public. COMPU-CONSULT is also offering Expert Witness and consultancy services for courts and parties in case of dispute on the field of Electronics, Internet and Infocommunication.

For more information: www.compu-consult.hu

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