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Technicolor, Innovation Partner to YouView

by david.nunes

Paris, September 20, 2010 – Technicolor (Euronext Paris: FR0010918292 ; NYSE : TCH) today expressed its support for YouView – formerly known as Project Canvas, as an innovation partner.

YouView will bring a new subscription-free internet-connected TV service to UK homes next year. As one of the innovation partners working closely with the project, Technicolor has contributed to the development of the core technical specifications to support the launch of the first YouView consumer equipment.

Technicolor is honored to support the launch of an open internet-connected TV platform which will transform UK viewers’ home entertainment experience” said Georges Laplanche, Senior Vice President,Connect Division at Technicolor. “Being involved in this project was very important for us: as we are working with major service providers for many years, we are at the forefront of innovating and driving the next generation of connected home devices, and we are proud to bring our expertise to YouView”.

Richard Halton, CEO, YouView said: “YouView is a partnership right across the industry and we are indebted to everyone at Technicolor, as one of our partners, for their work towards making a better future for TV for everyone.”

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