• 54% say technology is the top feature on drivers’ wish lists
  • Bluetooth took the top spot as the most popular technology feature
  • 1 in 5 admitted to not knowing how to use the car technology

BRITISH motorists are putting technology features at the top of their wish lists when it comes to choosing a car, according to new research.

The survey of 1,002 UK adults carried out by car leasing company,, has revealed that more than half (54%) of Brits say technology is the top feature on their wish lists.

The research looked into drivers’ technology wish lists and found that Bluetooth was the most popular factor, with just under half of the votes (46%).

Built in satellite navigation took the second spot (40%), while 34% of those surveyed said they want automatic headlights on their car.

A further 25% said cruise control was an important technology feature, while assisted parking (21%) rounded off the top five.

Despite technology topping drivers’ wish lists when choosing a car, 1 in 5 (19%) of those surveyed admitted they actually wouldn’t know how to use these advanced features.

James Buttrick, senior leasing consultant at commented: “It’s quite interesting to see how many drivers in the UK are aspiring to have all the latest technology on their car.  However, it is important that as a nation we understand how to use all these advanced features. Firstly, so that these features don’t remain unused and also from a safety point of view.

Buttrick continued: “Nevertheless, motorists should make full use of all these features to assist their driving. When it comes to choosing a car, drivers need to select a car that’s right for them and ensure they understand all the safety components that come with having advanced technology on the car.”

The data also revealed that men aged 34-50 are most likely to want the latest technology features on their car (31%).

Meanwhile, Birmingham is the city with the highest expectations in the UK, where 71% of residents aspire to have the most advanced technology on their car, followed by those living in Nottingham (66%).

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The top technology features on drivers’ wish lists:

  1. Bluetooth – 46%
  2. Built in satellite navigation – 40%
  3. Automatic headlights – 34%
  4. Cruise control – 25%
  5. Assisted Parking – 21%