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Tecore Networks Unveils Groundbreaking – Smart DAS Platform – sDAS

by Brenda Lafeuillee

Tecore sDAS – Macro Power Remote Radio-Pair Supporting 14 Bands

Hanover, Maryland, October 25, 2021 – Tecore Networks, today unveiled its sDAS (smart Distributed Antenna System) platform. As 5G networks are quickly replacing legacy wireless technologies users are demanding superior indoor coverage, higher throughput, improved performance, and a better user experience. DAS solutions continue to be best suited to meet these demands; however, they are complicated, expensive, and usually limited to very large commercial venues or corporate campuses. As with any technology, the future is in the evolution of the standard and the ability to adapt superior coverage technology to be available to more users.

Tecore’s smart DAS architecture provides a highly flexible, cost-effective, optimized platform capable of evolving with commercial wireless technologies. This NexGen sDAS architecture was specifically designed to eliminate the need for any carrier radio source equipment, removing associated equipment costs and minimizing the head-end equipment footprint. For operators with pre-existing radio equipment, the sDAS is able to accommodate a hybrid operating mode allowing for simultaneous use of onboard multi-RAT capabilities while supporting legacy analog inputs via the mPOI (mulit-RAT Point of Interface). The mPOI is able to take in external radio signal sources for distribution with other concurrently operating digital base-band signals allowing operators to selectively utilize local and external radio resources.

The sDAS platform delivers a flexible solution for any type of venue by covering 14 licensed radio frequency bands with a single pair of smart radios based on the mRU (multi-RAT Radio Unit). The mRU smart radio supports the following features:

· One Low-Band Radio supports seven (7) LTE/NR bands (2/25, 4/10/66, 30, 41)

· One Mid-Band Radio supports seven (7) LTE/NR bands (5/26, 12/17, 13/14, 71)

· Operates four (4) bands concurrently at 20 Watts of RF power per band

· Support for All-Gs (GSM, UMTS, LTE, NR)

· NMS tailored for Neutral Host and BYOC

· Support for joint operator DAS power sharing

· Daisy-chaining for simplified installation

· Integrated BBU with S1/N2 Interface to Core

· Compact form factor (14.5”x14.5”x4.5”)

· DL/UL Carrier Aggregation

· Outdoor Rated – IP67

· AC Powered

“We are excited to bring this innovative sDAS platform to the market. As superior coverage along with fast and reliable connectivity have quickly become a standard utility, the sDAS will offer seamless, best-in-class service with an eye toward competitive CAPEX and reduction in OPEX costs,” said Jay Salkini – President and CEO of Tecore Networks.

The sDAS is designed to reduce complexity by facilitating the evolution of current DAS architecture and minimizing headend room equipment by up to 90%. The sDAS is comprised of 3 components: mDU (multi-RAT Digital Unit), mPOI and mRU. The mDU is 1U x86 element located at the headend, which can be interfaced directly to the Carrier’s core network via a 3GPP S1/N2 interface. The mPOI is an optional 1U element that is only needed if Carrier’s analog source is being utilized. With this reduction in rack space requirements to house headend components and minimized power and HVAC requirements, the sDAS drastically decreases OPEX costs, and significantly expediates installation time, as carriers can now connect the mDU directly over an S1/N2 interface over IP to their Core without needing to wait to run fiber to the signal source, making this solution simple, flexible, easy, and much faster to deploy.

The mDU digitally generates the required radio signals in the required bands and sends it to the mRU, where each Carriers’ signal is then broadcast independently in each frequency band. With the added ability to daisy-chain the mRU’s, fiber runs to the headend are a thing of the past. The sDAS is suitable for single-carrier, multi-carrier or neutral-host providers and can seamlessly add carriers to the same mDU without any change in the headend footprint. Furthermore, a single mDU can support 1,000 simultaneous active users. The sDAS technology can scale as needed to provide coverage for thousands of more users.

Tecore Networks is ready to assist you and your customers in the realization of the benefits of this NextGen smart DAS architecture; providing a reliable, future-proof, adaptable wireless infrastructure solution customizable to meet any deployment scenario.

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