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Telappliant champions VoIPOffice for Call Centres to deliver robust, reliable and cost effective way of managing high volume telephone calls

by david.nunes

Telappliant® champions VoIPOffice™ for Call Centres to deliver robust, reliable and cost effective way of managing high volume telephone calls


…Successful rollout for “Let’s Get Digital” demonstrates that businesses can instantly cut their telephony bills and improve customer service… 


LONDON – Thursday, 8th March 2012Telappliant, the leading Internet telephony provider for UK based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), has announced a successful deployment of its VoIPOffice telephone system with online retail outlet Let’s Get Digital. The fully-hosted VoIP service has helped cut telephony costs and ensured that the business is able to efficiently manage 600 – 800 customer enquires a day.


Let’s Get Digital is an independent retailer that provides digital home and office equipment within the UK.  Located in Sussex, the organisation runs its call centre operations using VoIPOffice for Call Centres, in conjunction with Telappliant’s SIP trunks which provide multiple virtual phone lines over a single ConnectAssure Internet connection – Telappliant’s dedicated broadband service that is optimised for VoIP usage. The combination of a hosted VoIP platform and a dedicated broadband line ensures that there is always high call quality at an affordable price.


Steve Montague, Founder and Director of Let’s Get Digital explained, “Our business provides individuals and small businesses with access to affordable IT hardware and technical support. We receive high volumes of telephone enquiries on a daily basis so managing the process quickly and efficiently is critical. Telappliant’s VoIPOffice for Call Centres provides us with an extremely reliable telephony solution which delivers the functionality and low call costs I was promised without requiring any in-house technical knowledge. All our calls are recorded which is critical for staff training.  When we looked at other service providers this was an extra cost item.  It’s reassuring to know our phone system is flexible, easy to use – and will grow with the business too.”


According to official figures from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)*, there are 4.14 million people in self-employment (about 14 per cent of total employment) and latest statistics available show that self employment was 300,000 higher in spring 2010 than at the start of the recession in 2008 – a rise of about eight per cent.


Tan Aksoy, Chief Executive Officer at Telappliant, commented, “We are definitely seeing an increasing number of start-up and small businesses approaching us for scalable and reliable telephony solutions that offer greater functionalities. Our hosted VoIP systems provide a robust and cost effective choice for professional call centre usage. When reviewing VoIP solutions, businesses should also consider having a dedicated broadband connection to support their VoIP requirements, rather than assuming that a single existing broad line service will manage all calls, email and web browsing.  By separating the two feeds, VoIP traffic is prioritised over data, to ensure ongoing crystal clear call quality.”


Telappliant recently issued a whitepaper which outlines the benefits of implementing this technology as part of a fixed mobile convergence solution within a small or medium sized business. The whitepaper offers practical advice on points to consider when switching to VoIP. To download the free whitepaper visit http://bit.ly/tZkC0n 


For further information about Telappliant’s VoIP services, visit www.telappliant.com, or visit www.youtube.com/telappliant to watch a short video on how VoIPOffice® works. 



*CIPD report “Work Audit: The rise in self-employment” http://www.cipd.co.uk/publicpolicy/_work-audit0112


About Telappliant

Telappliant provides Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony services to UK based SMEs. Telappliant has been delivering Internet telephony solutions since 2003 and owns one of the largest VoIP networks in the UK, with over eighty thousand subscribers.


Telappliant delivers feature rich, highly advanced Internet telephony solutions and offers a range of services including hosted and on-site IP PBX, SIP trunking, VoIP-optimised broadband, global telephone numbers from over 40 countries and a range of call plans. The company is uniquely positioned to deliver state-of-the art, integrated end-to-end solutions and offers high quality business support and dedicated, focused account management.


As a founding member of the Internet Telephony Services Providers Association (ITSPA), the company is fully ISO 9001 certified. For information about the services available visit http://www.telappliant.com 


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