Telco and enterprise omni-channel alliance launched in the UK


11th November 2016 – The Open ROADS Community meeting is bringing together key business and technology leaders from the world’s fastest growing telcos and providers to the UK to share insights, and address the future of IoT and mobile. As part of the meeting, today global leaders in the ICT and digital services industry, including Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom AG, British Telecom and GSMA, will come together to launch a new cross-industry ecosystem: the Omni Channel Management Alliance.

The two day event will map out the future of the industry, creating a robust digital transformation framework by combining Open Digital Maturity Model and design thinking, providing telcos and partners with actionable insights to help their business.

Dr. Howard Liang, Chairman of Open ROADS Community and Senior Vice President, Huawei said: “The mission of Open ROADS Community is to enable the operator to execute ICT transformation required to enhance digital business operations. Our first event in the UK will be an opportunity for leaders to come together and create strategies for developing their digital services to enhance the customer experience and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital environment.”

The meeting will also invite senior executives from telcos and digital services to join panel discussions and share best-in-class practices on delivering excellent customer experience across industries using technology. 

Key speakers at the event include representatives from HKT, Google, Forrester Research and GSMA, who will examine key topics including:

·         Measuring transformation – effective measurement of digital transformation process with the open digital maturity model

·         Design Thinking for Digital Transformation and Open Digital Maturity Model – transformation of network infrastructure, front-end and back-end supporting system, process & talent development.

·         Global mobile trends – the state of today’s mobile ecosystem and its future development, including mobile subscriber growth, mobile internet adoption, the Internet of Things and the path to 5G

·         The Future of Service Integration –  How network architecture can mirror business solution architecture, to create efficiencies in business processes and new opportunities

·         Reinventing Business with IoT – From Things to Outcome – using IoT to redefine business processes and creating new business opportunities

·         New opportunities for telcos – how telcos participate in the B2B2C ecosystem to boost customer experience

The Open ROADS Community London meeting takes place on the 10th and 11th November. For further information regarding The Open ROADS Community London meeting visit:


About The Open ROADS community:

The Open ROADS Community is an incubator for ICT transformation. It was established by Huawei and launched at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The community brings together senior executives from across the ICT industry, as well as universities, training institutes, consulting groups and open source associations, responsible for setting industry standards and research.  The Open ROADS Community addresses the challenges, which telcos and related digital service providers face when attempting to transform to digital business operations. ROADS is a Huawei initiative that promises to enhance the five fundamental characteristics of the ultimate user experience – Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social.

Delivering the ROADS experience requires the telco industry to adopt a holistic approach:

·         Real-time fulfilment of requests and status updates, as well as real-time campaign management. Shorten new service releases from weeks to seconds

·         On-demand availability of service based on actual needs, such as connectivity package customization in terms of network bandwidth, capacity and quality of service

·         All-online services that reflect growing user expectations to be able access service anytime, anywhere and on any device

·         DIY capability that allows users to easily self-serve to create a frictionless experience.

·         Social platform participation to build brand loyalty, gather consumer insights and feedback. Create a more interactive customer experience and engender a sense of belonging.