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Telco Systems ATCA Ethernet Switch Blades Add Integrated Load Balancing

by david.nunes

Telco Systems ATCA Ethernet Switch Blades Add Integrated Load Balancing

T-HUB2 and T-HUB4 Blades Enable Dynamic Real Time Scheduling
for 10G and 40G applications

MANSFIELD, MA – October 31, 2011 – Telco Systems, a BATM company (LSE: BVC) and developer of multi-service Carrier Ethernet access and demarcation solutions, has announced the next  release of its ATCA hub blades with integrated load balancing features supporting wire speed 10G to 40G performance with dynamic resource allocation capabilities.  The new load balancing features include statistical and dynamic schedulers that can be customized based on any type of applications header fields for implementation across multiple blades or chassis for 10G and 40G ATCA chassis based solutions. 


Using integrated load balancing directly on the T-HUB switching blades, developers can now optimize their solution for new 40G applications requiring in-device, wire speed, dynamic load balancing to address highly variable bandwidth and traffic patterns that adversely impact  system resources.  Integrated T-HUB switching blades are ideal for ATCA based wireless LTE packet gateways, security, cloud appliances, policy access control, IPTV, IMS and deep packet inspection devices requiring high performance switching and load balancing. T-HUB  blades enable developers to not only lower overall CAPEX costs but also realize OPEX savings by minimizing footprint space, power, and management resources  incurred with external load balancing appliances.


A pioneer in ATCA switch blades, Telco Systems has shipped with thousands of ATCA blades worldwide.  TheT-HUB2 10G and T-HUB4 40G ATCA blades are already being used by a major security firewall vendor and 4G LTE manufacturer to ensure wire speed performance with high availability and full system redundancy (N+1 and N+M).  Supporting carrier-grade MPLS and Ethernet switching and routing, the blade solution also improves hardware utilization, programmable QoS based application performance, and availability for today’s most demanding carrier and cloud based service providers as they move to virtualized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments.


“Telco Systems harnessed its carrier grade networking expertise to allow ATCA application developers to gain inter-working advantages and efficiencies in the carrier’s networks,” said Aviv Miller, product line manager for Telco Systems. “Embedding load balancing on the blade enables developers real time network programmability to address today’s need for cloud virtualization while shortening developers overall time-to-market.”


T-HUB load balancing features can be implemented using statistical and dynamic methods enabling customized hashing algorithms to meet dedicated proprietary applications requirements.  One implementation is a dedicated scheduler which provides the ability for the load balancer to adjust its priority matrix according to the load measured across the links between multiple server blades within, and across, chassis to better improve resource management for distributed virtual cloud applications. 


T-HUB4 and T-HUB2 provide 1G/10G/40G connectivity with very high port count and deliver extensive networking capabilities, including switching, IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS, QoS, protection and redundancy, and clock synchronization through its BiNOX™ operating system.  BiNOX is Telco Systems’ field-proven carrier-grade networking operating system offering superior control and security while delivering wire-speed Layer 2-4 networking. Devices powered by BiNOX are widely deployed in critical carrier and enterprise networks worldwide.


About Telco Systems

Telco Systems designs and develops innovative, multi-service Carrier Ethernet access and demarcation solutions to enable carriers and service providers to deploy highly reliable and manageable Ethernet services. These solutions support a cost effective evolution to a service-assured all IP/Ethernet network and enable service providers to introduce new services to capture additional revenue by supporting mixed services across a carrier Ethernet network

Telco Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker symbol: BVC). For more information on Telco Systems, visit our website at http://www.telco.com.



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