Telcos are facing an ever growing complexity of their commercial offers, raising a corresponding complexity in the calculation of their turnover. Similarly, a quick detection of fraudulent behaviours in the mass of call detail records generated by the network is more than ever a technical and functional challenge.

In order to help those companies to address such issues, GenieLog has developed GEDIS Studio a software solution that allows generating large amount of realistic CDR that match the activity of thousands of virtual customer profiles. Using GEDIS Studio, Telcos can improve the way they manage the challenges of their systems developments, which are managed by the marketing needs.  They also increase their capability of securing their qualification processes, which are often subcontracted (offshore).

Why An Innovative Approach To Test Data Production ?

First of all, it is a technological breakthrough compared with the usual approach based on the extraction of production data. GEDIS Studio allows producing test data (both CDRs and related customer data) by taking charge of the test campaign requirements and data realism as required by the applications.

Thus, there are no more requirements about the availability of production data and all the cumbersome anonymization and limitation about the quantity of available production data.

More than just a data generator, GEDIS Studio is able to implement large scaled simulations of the activity of the users of the operator networks and their IS applications. This is achieved on testing / training platforms, disconnected from the production systems, thus enforcing the protection of sensitive data while remaining enough realistic to be valuable.

SFR uses GEDIS Studio

For its customer SFR, the second largest French operator with more than 20 millions customers, GenieLog has designed CDR generators able to produce in real time the activity of all its mobile network activity. Based on the statistical analysis of a few days of traffic, GenieLog has configured its generator not only to allow testers producing observed profiles but also to test divergent profiles to check marketing forecasts. All generated data were injected in the IS just like usual CDR collection systems do. Using the ability to control customer activity by defining configurable profiles, SFR and its subcontractors are able to test fraud detection systems, rating system and CRM systems.

In a word, the generated data has allowed us to simulate the activity of more than 15 millions customers in real-time (with no need of storing the data) and has produced more than 250 millions daily events.

GenieLog Business Offer

The GenieLog’s offer revolves around its application GEDIS Studio to build complete solutions (products & services) around the problems of Test Data Management focused on the needs and constraints of its customers.

GenieLog brings its know-how to establish a new approach for managing test data though Test Data Factory to enforce test automations and industrialization. To achieve this, GenieLog builds a network of experts with integrators and other software editors to provide the best solutions for its customers.

To be released soon…

The French agency OSEO supports GenieLog to develop its innovative approach to deliver test data generation services through the release of a Web 2 platform allowing customers to make the most of the GenieLog technology with a pay-per-use business model. This is also a very promising solution for customers working with offshore subcontractors where ensuring the quality and the undisclosed nature of the data used for developing and testing are the major challenges.

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