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TELE Greenland Selects Fully Virtualized Comverse Multi-VAS (mVAS) Solution to Enhance Service, Boost Profitability

by david.nunes

TELE Greenland Selects Fully Virtualized Comverse Multi-VAS (mVAS) Solution to Enhance Service, Boost Profitability

Comverse Helps TELE Greenland Consolidate Traditional VAS Services, Evolve to New IP and Digital Lifestyle Services

Key Takeaways:

  • Comverse Multi-VAS (mVAS) solution converges voice and messaging systems:SMSC, MMSC and Next-Generation Voicemail (NGVM)
  • Benefits include enhanced service capabilities, CAPEX & OPEX savings, simplified operation and readiness for IP messaging and RCS services
  • Fully virtualized deployment increases elasticity and scalability to expand resource capabilities, accelerates time to market

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Sept. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Comverse (Nasdaq:CNSI), a global leader in telecom and enterprise business enablement, today announced that service provider TELE Greenland, with one of the world’s first fully digitalized telecommunications networks, has chosen to deploy Comverse’s mVAS Solution. Cloud-based and fully virtualized, the solution converges SMSC, MMSC and Next-Generation Voicemail (NGVM) systems, enhancing service capabilities while significantly cutting costs.

mVAS Multi-Benefits

“With our launch of LTE, delivering existing and innovative new services in the most efficient way is mission critical, requiring us to modernize and consolidate our VAS infrastructure,” said TELE Greenland CTO, Andy Aparico. “This unique fully virtualized solution combining voice, text and multimedia messaging expedites achievement of immediate and roadmap goals to upgrade the user experience and increase profitability.”

“Comverse mVAS preserves and enhances the quality, scalability, robustness and profitability of current popular voice, text and multimedia messaging solutions,” said Aashu Virmani, VP Digital Services Product Management and Product Marketing at Comverse. “Engineered to operate seamlessly in both IMS and pre-IMS environments, it is interoperable with all relevant RCS and VoLTE standards for quick introduction of rich digital lifestyle services.”

New Digital Communication Experiences

“Spanning many years, the productive relationship between Comverse and TELE Greenland has delivered significant sustained achievements in the spheres of both VAS and BSS,” noted Denis Bernaert, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of EMEA at Comverse. “With the cost-effective virtualized mVAS solution in place, TELE Greenland subscribers can look forward to exciting new digital communication services and experiences in the near future.”

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About TELE Greenland A/S

From 1925 the Danish State ran TELE with orders coming directly from Copenhagen. As a consequence of the introduction of Home Rule in 1979, all telecommunication services were taken over in 1987, and during 1989 and 1990 TELE’s management moved to Nuuk. On 1 January 1994, the Greenland telecommunication service provider became a shareholding company owned by the Greenland Home Rule, and was given the name of TELE Greenland A/S.

By the late 1980s, after nearly 20 years of stable operation, the analog telecommunications network was becoming outdated. In 1990 TELE Greenland started to digitize the satellite systems, introducing digital telephone exchanges and creating a 2000-km radio link. In 1996 Greenland became the second country in the world, second to Iceland, with a fully digitalized telecommunications network servicing even the remotest settlement – a future-proofed system geared to supporting the service needs of a modern, dynamic society. www.tele.gl

About Comverse

At the core of the evolution of how we communicate, exchange information and monetize the digital world, Comverse enables the creation and monetization of innovative digital services for telecom and enterprise service providers through its proven and innovative product portfolio that includes managed BSS and Policy (PCRF), Enterprise and Cloud Billing, and Digital Services – all backed by Managed and Professional Services. Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries with solutions successfully delivered to over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers. Comverse’s solutions are available in a variety of delivery models, including on-site, cloud, hosted/SaaS and managed services. For more information, visit www.comverse.com.

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