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Teleca’s PC Connectivity solution delivered for Android tablets

by david.nunes

Teleca’s PC Connectivity solution for synchronization and back-up to PC is delivered with a recently launched entertainment and social connection device.

Malmö, Sweden – October 18, 2010 – Teleca, a world-leading supplier of solutions and services to the mobile industry, today announced that Teleca’s PC Connectivity and synchronization software is now available and delivered for Android Tablets, and is already shipping with a leading global CE supplier.

The Teleca PC Connectivity solution for this particular device, manages the synchronization between the device and a PC, for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Furthermore, it can also manage back-up of the device settings and user data.

“The invitation to deliver a PC Connectivity solution for their first Android Tablet shows that Teleca has the right experience and expertise, for the fast pace developing Android market,” said Magnus Johannesson, Solution manager for Connectivity Solutions at Teleca.

This shows that Teleca’s PC Connectivity solution is trusted and that synchronization of PIM data on all user devices is essential as users carry one or two at the time and always want to be updated, and that these devices will come also from the big brands in consumer electronics.

Teleca has delivered its PC Connectivity solution to range of leading OEM´s and has shipped with more than 300M devices globally.

Learn more about PC Connectivity solution at: http://www.teleca.com/Home/solutions/mobile_applications/PCConnectivity.aspx

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