Arcanjo Jorge Peralta Issue: Latin America III 1998
Article no.: 2
Topic: Telecommunication Management Network:LOPER’s Experience in Brazil
Author: Arcanjo Jorge Peralta
Title: President Director
Organisation: LOPER, Brazil
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For the past 17 years, LOPER has successfully developed technology for data acquisition and control, which provides a powerful management tool for telecommunications operators and companies that requires network management. The process of privatisation and globalisation that is changing the Brazilian telecommunication market, do not represent a business risk for LOPER, but rather an opportunity and challenge. LOPER is open for venture capital investors or international partnership in order to promote new business opportunities and market expansion in Brazil and Latin America.

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Arcanjo Jorge Peralta is President Director of LOPER. He founded LOPER in 1981 when he left AEG-Telefunken, Backnang, Germany as its Manager for Digital Engineering. Since his student days in 1973, he has gained most of his engineering experience working for AEG-Telefunken for over 20 years in various engineering posts. For the past seventeen years, LOPER Informatica e Telecomunicacoes Ltda, a Brazilian electronic engineering company, has successfully developed technology for data acquisition and control. The development of network management systems is a powerful management tool for telecommunications operators, power generation and distribution companies, TV networks and companies that require network management. Quality Control and Assurance The company operates as an engineering project developer and product integrator. Most of its mechanical parts and electronic components manufactured under LOPER designs come from contracted suppliers. Previously approved under ISO 9001 procedures, they are now approved under LOPER’s Quality Control Assurance. Many telesupervision systems supplied by LOPER, are operated by telecommunication operators from the former Telebras Holding. They are equipped with the necessary skills to implement the use of open systems, the basic Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) requirement, in conformance to the ITU-TS, M3010 recommendation. LOPER has achieved ISO 9001 International Certification, as well as being certified by the Italian Certification of Companies Quality Systems (CISQ), Information Technology Quality Systems (ITQS) and The International Certification Network (EQNET), all in conformance to the UNI-EN 2900/ISO 9001 procedures. Domestically, LOPER is attested by the Technical Qualification Attested (AQT) issued by Telebras. Product Line Working basically on four business segments; telecommunication electronic hardware, telecommunication systems, special engineering project development, and microcomputer integration, LOPER’s product line is designed and customised to cater to the needs of end users: · Products operating in the main telecommunication operators · Telesupervision Central Station with graphical operational interface · Telesupervision Remotes with telemeasure, telesignals and telecommand · Telesupervision Remotes for Analogue Telephone Switch · Telecommunication Interface Systems · Telegraphic Modems · IRS – Gerencia Integrada de Rede e Servicos (Integrated Management for Network and Services) · TMN Integrated Management for Network and Services LOPER finalised its design for GIRS in 1993, following TMN recommendations. The system permits telecommunication operators to meet the requirements of the management and control of the network operation, covering all of ANATEL’s (National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) performance index required to evaluate the service quality offered. The GIRS adoption represents a gain in competitiveness, which means that it can be used by companies to compete for larger market shares, be an excellent services provider for the market, and therefore, more aware of customers needs. Telecomunicacoes do Espirito Santo (TELEST), a project started in 1994, is a recent example of the implementation of GIRS. Working with the most up-to-date technology and technical knowledge, the TELEST GIRS System achieves the international level of efficiency for operation. The aim of the system was to bring to the Central Control Room, all the information about the network such as: work force, failures, resource planning, network planning, commutation performance, billing, material, traffic, network capability, marketing and security. The system is designed to collect and process all the data from the network operation of the Espirito Santo State, to be visualised on large screens showing the whole telecommunication plant. The system integration and its interpolation ability, generates a large spectrum of aggregate advantages, such as: · Sole Corporate Data Base · Better service quality · Operational costs reduction by optimising the maintenance · Network knowledge spread all over the network · Pro-active solution to customers’ problems · Operational cost reduction with real time data knowledge · Efficiency on availability of new services · Total control and management over all cost in real time Business Opportunities The process of privatisation and globalisation that is changing the Brazilian telecommunication market, does not represent a business risk for LOPER, but rather, an opportunity and challenge. LOPER is open for venture capital investors or international partnerships in order to promote new business opportunities and market expansions in Brazil and Latin America. Major Customers Some of the LOPER’s major clients are: Telecommunication Companies · TELESP – Telecomunicacoes Sao Paulo S.A. · CRT – Cia. Riograndense de Telecomunicacoes S.A · TELESP CELULAR S.A. · TELEMIG – Telecomunicacoes Minas Gerais S.A. · ALCATEL Telecomunicacoes S.A. · Ericsson do Brasil S.A. · Alcoa Aluminio S.A. · NEC do Brasil S.A. · TELEPAR – Telecomunicacoes do Parana S.A. · TELEBAHIA – Telecomunicacoes da Bahia S.A Power Companies · CESP – Cia. Energetica de Sao Paulo S.A. · ELETROPAULO – Eletricidade de Sao Paulo S.A. · TELESC – Telecomunicacoes de Santa Catarina S.A. · CEMAT – Centrais Eletricas Mato-grossenses S.A.