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TeleCommunication Systems Launches LynxTM Line of Portable Routers for Connected Public Sector Communications

by david.nunes
TeleCommunication Systems Launches Lynx™ Line of Portable Routers for Connected Public Sector Communications
New Vehicle and Wearable Routers Deliver Highly Secure and Rugged Network Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications in the Field

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Aug. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ: TSYS), a world leader in secure and highly reliable wireless communication technology, today launched its Lynx™ portfolio of portable routers designed to provide highly secure and rugged wireless broadband network solutions for mission-critical communications applications, such as public safety, law enforcement, the special operations community, and, more broadly, the Department of Defense. The Lynx portfolio, which includes the Lynx™ Rugged Vehicle Router and Lynx™ Wearable Router, extends the communications range for mobile vehicles and field agents, and delivers high-throughput performance for in-vehicle mobile applications such as connected in-vehicle video surveillance, intelligent Vehicle Area Network (VAN) capabilities, location services, and other applications. These Lynx Routers have completed LTE trials with  an international police force and the Vehicle Router is currently under evaluation by domestic public safety officials for a large scale deployment.

News Facts:

  • TCS developed the Lynx portfolio to meet growing requirements from public safety, law enforcement agencies and the Department of Defense for an enterprise communications capability to the operational edge. The ubiquitous presence of smartphones is driving the opportunity to stream real-time situational awareness video and other mission artifacts from a once-disconnected tactical team to an operations center, and to connect remote teams to a wealth of information systems and decision support available across the enterprise network.
  • The TCS Lynx portfolio of highly mobile and tactical portable routers enables connections to a network of sensors and applications for first responders and military personnel.
  • The new portable routers provide seamless broadband connectivity and interoperability over any Cellular 3G/4G LTE Wide Area Network (WAN) as well as Wi-Fi® networks.
  • The Lynx portfolio of portable routers includes:
    • Lynx Rugged Vehicle Router. Designed to create a Vehicle Area Network (VAN), the small, rugged Lynx Vehicle Router integrates the Cisco 5921 Embedded Services Router (ESR) to provide mission-critical communications across national and international LTE network frequency bands, including the FirstNet Band 14 and commercial carriers, as well as across Cisco Premium Mobile Broadband (PMB) LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solutions.
    • Lynx Wearable Router. Designed to create a personal area network (PAN) anytime and anywhere, the compact, light-weight and rugged Lynx Wearable Router provides seamless and automatic wireless mobility across networks, including Cellular 3G/4G  LTE, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.
  • The Lynx portable routers can support extended and advanced LTE broadband and mobile networking and application needs for a broad range of vehicle and wearable platforms, including public safety, special operations, and military missions in remote field locations across wide geographic areas; and industries beyond the public sector, such as oil and gas, mining, utilities, energy, and transportation, will find similar benefits.
  • Lynx portable routers’ support the growing Internet of Everything (IoE) by delivering high-throughput performance for a range of in-vehicle mobile applications, such as multiple real-time streaming video cameras for connected in-vehicle video surveillance, intelligent VAN capabilities, connected Machine to Machine (M2M) sensors, telematics, analytics, location services, and secure cloud-based applications.
  • TCS has a 28-year track record as a value-added system integrator providing end-to-end mission critical communication solutions for federal and military customers under conditions that demand the highest level of reliability, availability and security.
  • In public safety, TCS is recognized as a premier provider of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) software and end-to-end solutions with analysts Frost and Sullivan reporting that TCS has over 56% market share. TCS delivered the nation’s first successful cellular 9-1-1 call almost two decades ago and today deploys cellular and VoIP 9-1-1 service to operators nationwide, handling more than 200,000 emergency calls daily.

TCS Government Solutions Group President Michael Bristol said: “Public safety organizations, federal agencies, and military echelons are frequently challenged with connectivity issues as an increasing number of technology-driven activities – from in-vehicle or on-person video and dispatch to electronic ticketing – are being generated in the field. Secure, resilient, high-performance wireless connectivity in and around the vehicle is often vital to mission-critical applications. TCS’ Lynx portfolio of portable routers addresses the connectivity issue by extending the wireless communications range and ensuring seamless and automatic wireless mobility across a number of networks. We believe that as the public sector moves toward connecting their personnel and the Internet of Everything, it will find great advantage in the Lynx portable routers and the ability to deliver ubiquitous connectivity.”

For more information visit: TCS Lynx Portable Routers.

About TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, is a world leader in secure and highly reliable wireless communications. Our patented solutions, global presence, operational support and engineering talent enable 9-1-1, commercial location-based services and deployable wireless infrastructure; cybersecurity; defense and aerospace components; and applications for mobile location-based services and messaging. Our principal customers are wireless network operators, defense and public safety government agencies, and Fortune 150 enterprises requiring high reliability and security. Learn more at www.telecomsys.com.

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