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Telecoms firm Digitel launches revolutionary INET for businesses

by david.nunes


A leading telecoms company has launched a new service which will transform the way small and medium sized businesses work.

Digitel’s Intelligent Network (INET) makes use of a high capacity next generation network, delivering a range of innovative communications solutions.

Digitel was founded 20 years ago by Managing Director Tom Cullen after he returned home with his family from Canada where he had held a number of senior positions with organisations including IBM and the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (IT&T).

The Digitel Group is based in Merseyside and employs 22 people. The group increased turnover from £2.95million in 2010 to £3.2million in 2011 and is forecasting further growth of 18 per cent during 2012.

The business plans to roll out INET across the UK during the course of 2012. It is currently recruiting six new members of staff and is forecasting further job creation in the coming 12 months.

INET is a service hosted in the Cloud/Exchange within the network removing the need for businesses to invest in expensive capital equipment.

Harnessing INET’s Ethernet Broadband, users can dramatically speed up their office network for voice and data, enabling multi-site networking, home working and internet access. Digitel says that its pioneering INET will help remove the need for business telephone lines as we know them today.

Tom Cullen said: “INET brings together the best technology available to businesses today and will quite simply transform the way in which companies do business.

“It will enable them to work faster, smarter and far more cost effectively than is the case at the moment. Our network will reduce costs, improve operating efficiency and hugely enhance customer experience.”

Among the key benefits of INET are:

·         Super fast Ethernet connections at speeds from 10 Megabytes per second to 1 Gigabyte per second;

·         A single cost-effective Ethernet connection for all voice, data and internet requirements;

·         100 per cent dedicated bandwidth providing a wholly uncontended service performance not affected by people using the same exchange;

·         Ability to manage incoming callers automatically, distributing calls even when all telephone lines are busy;

·         Integration of all fixed line and mobile communications so that users never miss a call – callers can dial one number to reach desk phone and mobile at the same time;

·         Mobile calls converged with fixed line telephone service resulting in significant savings;

·         Disaster recovery service ensuring business continuity at all times;

·         Opportunity to open up new markets by having local telephone numbers in different areas throughout the UK but without the need for additional offices.

Ethernet has become the accepted standard for Local Area Networks (LANs) in offices, but INET’s Ethernet Broadband allows businesses to extend the speed of their office network into a Wide Area Networking (WAN), a network which links across regional and national boundaries.

Tom Cullen added: “We are confident that INET is the most advanced communications system for small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

“We are not aware of any other company in the country which is able to offer such a complete telecommunications solution to businesses.

“We are planning to roll out INET across the UK. Our footprint covers almost 90 per cent of the UK and there are more than 1800 Ethernet enabled exchanges.

“In order to meet the anticipated demand we are currently recruiting six new members to our team to work in sales and customer service.”

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