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Telegent Introduces Fourth Generation Analog Mobile TV Receiver

by david.nunes

65nm mobile TV receiver delivers industry-leading picture quality, reduces size and power consumption

Sunnyvale, CA – December 15, 2010 – Telegent Systems, the company that makes television mobile, today introduced its fourth generation TLG1123 analog mobile TV receiver.  The TLG1123 mobile TV chip introduces new algorithms for improving TV picture quality and viewing experience while continuing to reduce size and power consumption compared to the widely adopted TLG1120.   The solution is also designed with forward pin-to-pin compatibility with future analog and digital Telegent mobile TV receivers, delivering security that PCB design investments can be leveraged across multiple generations of handset models.

Delivering next generation improvements in picture quality, size and power consumption

The TLG1123 incorporates Telegent’s Picture Vivid Engine, delivering improvements in picture stability and clarity particularly for high-motion video, important for a quality mobile viewing experience during sporting events.  The 65nm solution reduces power consumption by one-third relative to the industry standard 1120 and is available in a 6×6 mm package for customers developing new designs, reducing design footprint by 35%.  The TLG1123 also eliminates the need for an external crystal, further reducing system cost.

Delivering continuing improvements in user experience

The TLG1123 additionally incorporates hardware-based controls for brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, allowing manufacturers to expose these controls in the user interface and providing the consumer with more control over the viewing experience.  The solution also incorporates an adaptive audio filter that optimizes the filtering of unwanted audio content and delivers an increase in maximum output volume level.

Delivering pin-to-pin compatibility with future Telegent mobile TV products

The TLG1123 is designed around a common pinout that delivers forward compatibility to future analog and digital mobile TV receivers, ensuring that manufacturers can reuse design investments over multiple generations of mobile handset models as well as designs targeted for regions with different mobile TV standards.


The TLG1123 mobile TV receiver has begun sampling.

About Telegent Systems, Inc.

Telegent Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that enables the reception of live, free-to-air analog and digital broadcast television in mobile handsets and other portable consumer devices.  Telegent’s television-on-a-chip solutions solve the long-standing technical challenges that have precluded mobile reception of analog broadcast TV, enabling manufacturers and operators to benefit from the convergence of broadcast TV with mobile and portable devices.  Telegent’s products are the most widely sold broadcast television solutions for mobile handsets in the world.  For more information, visit www.telegent.com.

For further information please contact:

Diana Jovin, VP Corporate Marketing, Telegent, +1 408-990-7092, djovin@telegent.com

Matt Humphries or Sam Tring at Babel PR

Tel: +44(0)207 434 5550

Email: telegent@babelpr.com

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