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Telenor Takes to the Clouds with Mobilethink’s DMS

by david.nunes

15 December, 2011

Telenor Takes to the Clouds with Mobilethink’s DMS

Instant connectivity from power-on

Mobilethink A/S today announces that another world leading mobile operator, the Telenor Group, has taken the first step to adopt its fully-hosted and managed cloud-based device management system (DMS) in local markets.

The mobile operator is adopting Mobilethink’s Over-the-Air DMS for its operations in two Scandinavian markets, benefiting approximately 60% of mobile users in Norway and 30% in Denmark.

The Telenor and Mobilethink partnership was initially established in 2004 when Mobilethink was selected to supply a DMS system – and until now the system has been successfully operated by Telenor operations in Oslo. From a business perspective, however, cloud DMS has become a hot topic for a lot of mobile operators as the landscape of mobile devices continues to proliferate and falling ARPU requires scalable and less onerous solutions for device connectivity and customer care in local markets.

Morten Hoye, Telenor’s apps and devices manager, explains:

“The outsourcing wave that sweeps across Telco operators has also moved the mobile device management area – many operators can release valuable operational resources by shifting to a fully hosted and managed engagement model based on cloud technology. So the decision to replace the legacy system with a cloud DMS service from Mobilethink was not hard to take for Telenor.”

Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Mobilethink’s chief of products and marketing, adds: “DMS scalability and convenience is a no-brainer for mobile operators in addressing the specific needs of networks in local markets. By adopting Mobilethink’s OTA DMS, network operators can service huge 50 million plus networks or smaller 500k networks with minimal effort and cost using the same automated device configuration platform entirely managed by Mobilethink.”

Mobilethink’s DMS provides mobile users with instant and automatic device connectivity to access the internet and use MMS services. The database now covers more than 3,000 devices from 175 mobile brands … the largest database of mobile settings in the world. Each month, the database is extended thanks to Mobilethink’s close co-operation with over 150 device manufacturers. As a result, network operators can provide connectivity support to any new device before it gets launched into the market.

Mobilethink is a Danish-based company with operating units in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1999, the AAA credit-rated company provides advanced and scalable device management solutions to over 100 network operators.

Mobilethink also has an analytics product now being used by many network operators, delivering them with business-critical data to better understand the capabilities and features of mobile devices used within their networks. Armed with its device population intelligence and reports, network operators can develop more effective marketing campaigns to increase revenues from new Internet content and services, offer phone upgrades and raise the bar in customer conversion and retention.

Last month, Mobilethink announced that its business partnership with global telecoms giant Huawei has been extended to cover further networks in the Middle East and Africa.

The Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with 133 million mobile subscribers. It has mobile operations in 11 markets in the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as an economic stake of 31.67 per cent in VimpelCom Ltd., which operates in 19 markets.



About Mobilethink

Mobilethink A/S is a world leading mobile device management (MDM) vendor and has provided mobile operators with its industry leading solutions for more than a decade. A customer-centric and AAA rated enterprise, more than 100 mobile operators use Mobilethink’s solutions to manage data of about 250 million subscribers in more than 35 countries around the world. Visit www.mobilethink.com

For more information about the company, interview with Thomas Yde Frederiksen or his image, please contact:

Hugh Paterson, CEO

Whoosh PR

Email hugh.paterson@whooshpr.com,

Tel +44 (0)845 8382 631

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