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Teleopti Partners with Cicero to Deliver Desktop Analytics with Teleopti’s Workforce Management Solution

by david.nunes

Teleopti Partners with Cicero to Deliver Desktop Analytics with Teleopti’s Workforce Management Solution

Teleopti, a global leader in workforce management (WFM) software for contact centers, and Cicero Inc. (BB: CICN), a leading provider of desktop activity intelligence and improvement software for the back office and contact center, announced a new partnership to bundle the Cicero Discovery Sensor Suite with Teleopti’s front and back office WFM solution.

The Teleopti WFM solution drives improvements in customer service, employee satisfaction and operational excellence through multi-channel forecasting, scheduling, preference and request handling, communication, intraday management, reporting and performance management.

Cicero Discovery Sensor Suite consists of desktop sensors that allow companies to capture, store, and report activities and events across applications in order to measure and manage how people, processes, and technology work. Including these sensors in Teleopti’s WFM technology will allow Teleopti customers to gain better operational visibility and identify areas for improvement.

Teleopti customers and partners will be able to utilize the Cicero data to:

  • Provide real time adherence
  • Identify process bottlenecks and target areas for automation
  • Measure idle time, time spent on certain tasks, and repetitive and manual tasks
  • Monitor and control for compliance issues and other business rules
  • Identify data entry issues and training deficiencies
  • Identify and achieve maximum potential for business processes
  • Measure application and network performance to identify areas of improvement

“Over the last years the shift from telephony to non-voice channels has impacted many of our customers. We were first in the industry to deliver WFM-solutions for accurately forecasting and scheduling multiple channels, including email, chat, social media and back office transactions”, said Magnus Geverts, Chief Business Development Officer at Teleopti. “Our customers expect us to be at the forefront of WFM to enable them to automate and optimize their business, so we are excited about the partnership with Cicero that will bring key information for managing and monitoring non-voice workload to Teleopti users.”

“The employee desktop is at the center of each contact center interaction and back office transaction. It contains a goldmine of valuable data about your employee’s performance, the technology they use, your business processes, and most importantly, the customer experience,” stated Tom Aiello, SVP Worldwide Sales. “We look forward to working with Teleopti in delivering desktop activity intelligence as part of their WFM solution.”

About Teleopti WFM

Teleopti, a top global provider of workforce management software with customers in over 75 countries, offers a world-class WFM solution that is sophisticated, localized and easy to use. As the largest “best-of-breed” vendor, Teleopti focuses on helping contact centers, back offices and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability – through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling. For more information, please visit www.teleopti.com or connect with Teleopti on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cicero Inc.
Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software to measure and manage how people, processes, and technology work together in the contact center and back office. Leveraging a suite of “sensors,” Cicero Discovery’s desktop analytics software collects any desktop activity and supports Big Data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points. This allows organizations to focus on areas for improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application usage. Cicero helps customers such as Nationwide and UBS perform to their potential and rapidly build enterprise value by reducing cost, improving operations and increasing employee productivity. Learn more at www.ciceroinc.com.

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