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TELES Realigns Its Access Technology Business Segment

by david.nunes

TELES Realigns Its Access Technology Business Segment

The language of the future is VoIP. For which reason, TELES is now refocusing its access
technology business completely on the migration from ISDN to more high performance
IP networks. The co-operative activities with the Irish voice termination solution provider
SIMBERRY represent the first component in this new alignment.

Berlin/Dublin, October 16, 2014. The Berlin-based TELES AG Informationstechnologien is
reorganizing its access technology business and concentrating on the major challenges in the industry – IP migration and the replacement of ISDN. “The main task for network operators and companies right now is the switchover of voice traffic from ISDN to VoIP,” says the TELES Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Olbrich. “We have gained excellent experience with ISDN over the last few decades, far beyond that of our rivals. But now, VoIP Gateways from TELES have become the ultimate solution for network operators and retail customers who would like to continue using their existing infrastructure and are aiming to have state-of-the-art networks and high performance signaling, together with the proven ISDN quality and services. We are the leaders when it comes to high grade and secure IP migration, matched by efficient, user friendly solutions for network operators and companies.”

One central component in the new alignment of the access technology business (i.e. the Access Gateways) is the co-operative work by SIMBERRY and the Berlin-based technology services provider TELES. To achieve their aims here, SIMBERRY has acquired the Berlin company’s iGATE and vGATE Mobile Gateway product families together with the related intellectual property rights. In return, TELES is supporting SIMBERRY in the further development of the gateways and with the adjustments to the individual products.

This co-operative arrangement with SIMBERRY provides clear benefits for both sides: “As an independent provider of solutions in the voice termination business, SIMBERRY supplies Mobile Gateways using its own product family and doing so gains from the truly excellent reputation these successful products have had on the market for a long time,” explains Oliver Olbrich. “And with its superb ISDN expertise, TELES is focusing on the IP migration and VoIP Gateways growth market, as well as on access solutions for enterprise

“With our unique services, together with TELES we now intend to revolutionize the voice termination market,” says Thomas Sorgalla, Vice President Sales at SIMBERRY. “Our customers are looking for solutions that structure their complex business in a more secure and profitable manner, while also making them easier to steer. And SIMBERRY offers tailored solutions here based on the many years of global experience we have
built up in this market.”


Established in 1983, Berlin-based TELES AG Informationstechnologien provides access, routing and switching equipment, services and solutions for voice and data communications.

TELES solutions are designed to meet the needs of service providers and enterprises.

The Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard listed company with branch offices in Austria and in the USA provides its products and solutions to over 300 customers in the global telecommunications industry.


Ireland-based SIMBERRY Inc. was founded in 2014 after the acquisition of the GSM Gateway and SIM Server Technology from TELES AG (Berlin/Germany) and the distribution channels and services from former FL-Connect in Austria. A solid funding and a modern structure enables SIMBERRY to act quickly and flexibly in the global GSM termination market. SIMBERRY revolutionizes the GSM termination market and establishes
a never known customer experience thanks to all new services & solutions. 

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