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TeleWare introduces new Mobile Device Management and Secure Email offering

by david.nunes

TeleWare introduces new Mobile Device Management and Secure Email offering

New application simplifies management of corporate mobile device fleets

Thirsk – 10th October 2014 – TeleWare today announced a new solution to help enterprises improve management of all mobile devices. It is now the norm that staff work when on the move, meaning that businesses and employees depend more on smartphones, tablets and laptops than ever before.  But the benefits of flexibility and mobility also bring risk, as it can be difficult to effectively manage mobile device policies and ensure the working environment remains secure.

TeleWare’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Secure Email provides over-the-air control for systems administrators to remotely manage their entire fleet of mobile devices from a central console. This provides increased productivity as mobiles are used more effectively, reduced risks and potentially lower admin costs.

The new functionality makes it easier than ever for the administrator to set multiple permissions across the estate, meaning that unauthorised behaviour for highly regulated business practices can be managed easily and effectively.

The system also provides a secure email channel in the same application. Email sent across the open internet is easy prey for skilled hackers, but TeleWare’s solution provides an additional level of security to ensure that sensitive data is kept safe, whatever device the emails are sent from.

Providing mobile device management and secure email services from the same application suite reduces the admin overhead for our customers. The solution is designed to work with all of the major mobile platforms:


• Apple iOS

• Google Android

• BlackBerry

• Microsoft Windows Mobile

• Microsoft Windows Phone

Daniel Hensby, Head of Product Management said “The growing Bring Your Own Device trend and in some cases the switch from BlackBerry is creating headaches for both CIOs and compliance officers alike. We aim to solve a lot of those problems with a single product that provides all of the functionality required to manage and secure large fleets of mobile devices. We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of a mobile workforce, with the risk removed.”

TeleWare MDM and Secure Email is available immediately and further information is available from: www.teleware.com

Key features of MDM and Secure email:

·         Provide more efficient management of mobility, allowing organisations to create their own security and device allowance policies or choose a standard option

  • Manage a mobile workforce from one single interface with the ability to push valuable information to increase productivity.
  • Secure devices remotely at the touch of a button
  • Permissions can be set at user level, meaning devices can be adapted to each employee based on their requirement
  • Reduce help desk calls by offering end user access to lock device
  • Location based data for added security
  • Manage all devices using the TeleWare Device Manager, even devices with other operators
  • Secure workspace on the users device for mail services, one container bundled with MDM
  • Controls emails and attachments to prevent data leakage
  • FIPS validated encryption applications database
  • Mobile email security from your chosen mobile service provider
  • Security and BlackBerry equivalency for regulatory users as well as knowledge workers

About TeleWare: TeleWare, a communications technology specialist, has worked in the call recording space for some 20 years and specialised its business in 2011, addressing the many challenges around the recording, storing and analysing of mobile calls and SMS. The company has developed solutions specifically for the financial marketplace.  Headquartered in UK, clients include financial services companies and blue chip nationals and multinationals. Currently one in three banking and financial services companies in the UK’s FTSE 100 use TeleWare.


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